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Heroes of the Accidental Adventure
A few weeks back I begun running an adventure for a groups of friends of mine, The campaign is being run using Pathfinder rules and lore however only as rough guidelines.

Due to the rapidly growing size of information about the adventure I have attached a word document to this post, it contains some extra info about the party and NPC'S eventually I make include character sheets.
Current party
A Dhampir named Hilodule 
Former paladin and drunk, now gunslinger and friend of a griffon.
(a Dhampir is a half human half vampire combination and is healed by negative energy) here's a link to the 5 ed version

Carran the Gillmen 
Rouge, Strangely gifted as missing combat and self-proclaimed 'bad ass'
(Gillmen are a race that was formerly human turned slaves now unable to live on land for long periods.)

Vassan, Sylph and known troublemaker 

A Sorcerer and expert on the planes, their frail nature is counter by a fearsome magic ability.
(A Sylph is a part air elemental part human race well suited to magic or diplomacy tend to be air heads though.)

'Trox' the 'Trox'

At almost 10ft tall Trox is a creature from the under dark formerly a slave it's unable to speak a real language, Barbarian and loyal protector of the party. to save time here what its kind looks like.

The story so far

Trouble and adventurers.

The story started with the party having been all sent individual letters by a captain of a ship who was seeking bodyguards, the hefty some of gold offered was enough incentive to sign on. Having met in the mention the location the party had their first introductions with each other and set off to meet the captain aboard the his ship, the Cena.
After a short discussion they were given a rough outline of the planned route and given cabins by the first mate. Who was quickly revealed to have a cold attitude to adventures believing they are magnets for trouble. After which the party was left to kill time however they want. 
During which time Carran convinced Vassan that he was a 'awesome badass' and got heavily sun burnt sleeping in the sun and had an arcane mark reading 'badass' in dwarfish on his back.
Trox learnt to help as a deck hand and was quickly put to work by the semi lazy crew.
 This was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a group of Sahuagin raiders which were dispatched with extreme prejudiced.
(Carran somehow missing out on the entire fight.) 
Thus ended the first day as the decks now needed cleaning. 

Day three came about as the group began to close on Cassomir the first stop on their journey. However things quickly turned messy as an orc group who attacked using smaller ships from the shore brought the attention of a young chromatic green dragon. The dragon swooped down shouting abuse at Hilodule claiming something about "how dare you return to my land."
Before attacking the ship. With a lack of ranged weapons and only the gunslinger who was currently riding a griffon in battle doing damage the fight looked to be bleak.
Until the first mate came to the aid of the party and with a shot guided by the god of travel brought the dragon down smashing into the ships deck were the Trox began to turn it's skull into a fine paste. 
At which point Carran finally climbs back on deck hurling his weapon at the dragon which harmlessly bounces off and falls to the ground. (He missed the entire fight including the orcs.)
Ship and armour eaten away by acid the party limped into Cassomir earning a total of 2000 gold as a thanks and to keep them in town under repairs finished.

Injustice and Racism. 
Tired and hurting from the earlier fight the party guided by the First mate was shown to a local smithy to repair their gear and lead to an adventure friendly tavern the Iron band. As they walked it was explained that the local nobility wasn't fond of Sell words, adventurers or any one attempting to rise above their station. Thus explaining the local guards who'd followed them most of the way. Arriving at the tavern the party encountered something interesting inside the place was divided one side hand all the locals sitting an talking the other side was empty par a single table with a group of very well armed people whispering among themselves, the one the stood out the most a massive Orc wearing full plate and an aggressive glare.
Obviously the correct choice was to approach this group and talk to them. The conversation was brief mostly involving a good deal of rolls since neither side was openly trusting. 

During the conversation is was revealed the party was a group hired for a job of collecting items from a local estate but had been foiled thanks to an attack by a group of assassin who were after them and the party was requested to take the job as the other group felt it was dis-honourable to leave it unfinished. At which point the Orc decided it was tired of listening to talk stood up attempting the start a fight with the Trox.  The fight was quickly put to a stop by the gunslinger. 
Angry at not being allow to fight the Orc left only to be followed by the Trox a moment later who was witness to the local militia attempting to start a fight with the Orc. At this point the Gunslinger (currently halfway out of the Tavern) yells "I sense injustice and charges out to arrest people only after performing an amazing feat of stealth and sleight of hand in and attempt to arrest one of the militia, To have one of the three militia cut down instantly by the Orc, as one tried to flee the one who is now shackled falls to the ground and is promptly dragged away by the gunslinger for a lecture on the dangers of racism. 
Meanwhile the Trox began a bonding session with the Orc in the form of a rather stranger arm wrestle.
Thus brought to a close the first day in Cassomir.
The Serpentine Estate part 1.
This part is very long so it'll be in a few parts.

The party ventured out a first light to get their Armour from the blacksmith and be given information on the job by the local bounty office before doing some research on the job discovering that, the estate has been empty for 5 years since the entire estate vanished overnight, overall 1400 people missed without a trace. A full scale investigate turned up nothing, The family who owner the estate was call the Serpentine's and are or were a gathering of skilled spell casters of all kinds.
They met a local priest who asked them to find and item of his brothers at the estate and gave them some holy symbols of Sarenrae and some vials of holy water while informing them in secret that he felt something beyond mortal means was involved.
And so the party set out running across the remains of the would be assassins who foiled the last group and like all good adventures stopping to loot and bury the bodies before moving on.

Arriving at the Estate without problem they scouted the outer walls stating "there's no way I'm walking in the front door and I really think this was a bad idea." finishing scouting the walls near the cliff to the ocean they made the way inside via climbing and flight, At which point part of the party fell to confusion at a Floating cloud 'who happen to be Vassan the group's sorcerer' passed by having for the first time used a spell that transforms him into a magic cloud for 10 minutes unable to talk he was then attacked by the Trox who failed to understand what a cloud was doing here, It's attacks did nothing as you can't hurt a cloud with a sword. 
At this point the party was dropped into darkness as they were pulling into was shortly revealed to be an alternate plane outside of normal reality, A plane that was for all purposes a copy of the Estate from five years ago.
After a small wander they found themselves under a naturally large tree, at which point Vassan attempted to explain how the plane worked and in doing so causing the Trox to have a break down and attack the tree. 
The noise from doing so awoke the current denizens of the Serpentine Estate. From the darkness the faint shapes of undead slowly came into view bent of slaying the party.

Attached Files
.pdf   Background info..pdf (Size: 51.5 KB / Downloads: 5)
The Serpentine Estate part 2
'Can I charge through a tree? and The rouge gets a kill'

As the party slowly became surrounded by the undead a magical darkness set in reducing their vision and forcing them to resort to magical means to see.
 Despite the current overall mood being one of fear and regret over the choice to attempt this job the party reacted quickly. (in truth the skeletons rolled a 1 on initiative.) First up was the Cleric first mate who charged head on into the skeletons consumed with a divinely influenced hatred.
Only to fail epic-ally in their attack with their quarterstaff and left open to attack. Next came Carran for once ready for a fight dropping into the shadows cast by the magical light he snuck close to the Cleric lobbing holy water at the skeletons and vanishing again.  

With a speedy draw of his pistol Hilodule opened fire at a different group of the undead shortly after annihilating one of them in the cleansing power of lead. His trusty griffon steed (yet to be named.) seeing it's friend in trouble leapt forward attacking the same group to lethal effect, crushing the skulls of two more within it's talons.
 Already in a rage the Trox drew his mace and charged a nearby group slamming into the front troops and allowing them to surround him before bringing his weapon round in a wide swing crushing maybe of the foes. At this point Vassan the sorcerer casting a flaming sphere at the some foes as the trox was facing finishing off the few who lived through the charge.

Finally it came round to the Skeletons turn who attempted and failed gloriously to harm the griffon, next the group near the cleric went lunging at him with spears and scoring two critical hits and reducing the cleric to -2 who thankfully want multiclassing as a samurai and managed to remain standing though heavily injured.
with that rather eyebrow raising moment the Trox found it'self under attack taking roughly half it's hit point in damage as yet another critical was rolled, (the dice thus being replaced at this time.)

Enter the nope train.

After the cleric with the use of healing magic save themselves the fighting went on, however at the end of the Carran the rouges turn, (who had just instantly killed his first foe.) Something terrible happened... 
Drawn by the fighting a creature surrounded in the orange dying leaving of Autum appeared near to Hilodule. As a wave of fear passed through the party most of them with the exception of the Cleric shrugged it off.
At this point Hilodule began back away from the creature attempting to kill it with little success. 

The rest of the party still occupied by the remaining skeletons took their respective turns finishing off the foes, By the time it reached Carran's turn the rouge took matters into his own hands and snuck up upon the new enemy attacking it from behind. This daring act was immediatly rewarded with a large section of his health being sapped away by the creature who then turned to attack the gunslinger with a strength sapping ray of enfeeblement. Due to a lack of rounds the gunslinger began rapidly backing away and trying to reload. His griffon finally finishing of it's skeletons began to move to attack the unknown foe.
Thus bringing us to the Trox's turn who unsure of what to to asked if it was possible to "charge through a tree." with a quick ruling it was decided it would take something stronger to stop a 10ft raging bug monster.
The result? suddenly a large second of a tree explodes as it charged through attempting to save it's friends and smashes it's weapon into the leaves. As is does so magic missiles shoot out from Vassan who was following at his own pace. 

Now back to the injured cleric who watching the fight realizes it needs to be ended quickly and charges forward pushing the rouge back and imparting a boost of strength and magical fire to the Trox with the words "don't mess this up."
 Carran making an attempt to again attack the creature manages to only hit air. 
The Creature Angry at the people opposing it lashes out with a magical storm of razor sharp leaves cutting clean through the parties armors. The leaves then return to shielding it and it's revealed that the cleric is now passed out bleeding profusely.

In an attempt to end combat quickly Hilodule opens fire and sends his griffon into combat dealing little damage.
This brings us to the Trox's turn who now buffed an weilding fire proceeds to turn the creature into ashes then kills the ashed.

The chapel and yet more troubles.
After a rapid attempt to save the cleric the party begins to make it's way to a chapel as it was mentioned earlier to possibly contain a alternate entrance to the main building. As they near the find it's casting a brilliant light from it's bell and inside the candles still burn. Injured and unwilling to risk a party member the group enters with caution at first finding nothing and quickly sealing the door behind them while it's explained to them by the Cleric that this is hallowed group and evil cannot dwell here.

This is immediately brought into question at the party begins the standard search and loot drill. Carran the rouge locating one of the objects they'd  been hired to get. While Hilodule runs into a fox that vanishes from sight via suspected magic, During the search they stumbles upon a small room containing a child's possessions. This sending them into a panic due to the current situation and signalling a meeting with a survivor of five years ago. A small ceramic living doll approaches them  scared but eager to talk to the first living souls it's seen, As they talk it explains that the curse targets those considered part of the family and only those people could end up here, this results in the correct assumption that the first mate was what got them dragged in. The doll also explains that time doesn't flow in the same way inside this dimension before being asked a good deal of questions it couldn't answer about the Serpentine family. As well being asked what it's gender was and how it came to be.
During this the gunslinger collected parts for 'something' and found the locked secret entrance.

At which moment Vassan took it upon himself to attempt to open the entrance via magic. Failing a check to work out that it was a bad idea he opened it and the Chapel was plunged into darkness as the hallowed ground spell was removed.
I have only just now remembered to update this a lot has happened since the last post I’ll try to keep it simple.
The Serpentine Estate part 3
'If you don't know what it is don't touch it'

Having last left off with Vassan managing to disable the protective barrier in the chapel.
After a brief panic the party resolved to barricade the doors and rest any way,
While preparing to rest the doll introduces its self as Drusilla and requests their aid in breaking the curse on the house hold.
Meanwhile Hilodule begins trying to examine the items he found discovering that they are parts for a rifle named twin star fall.
An artefact built by the Serpentine manor.
Having rested without problem the party soon discovers the first mate to be missing and track leading off into the grounds but after a lengthy debate about if they should enter the manor or explore the grounds in search of the first mate they instead decide to go investigate a large Armory further into the grounds.
This would prove to end badly as after entering the Armory they triggered a sound trap nearly losing the rouge in a following fight with an undead giant. In the end they slew the giant taking its weapon as a trophy. (However the fight caused several large fires and nearly blew up said Armory.)
The weapon was the second artefact known as Desolation. At this point after talking over everything a second time and doing a full scale loot of the Armory, it was revealed that two more artefact were in the manor by killing the owners and retrieving them they could escape the manor.
Tentacles everywhere and Rouges are OP 
Eager to escape the party heads for the manor coordinating their entry and slipping in without confrontation. As they enter the main hall however they hear the sounds of combat ahead and find remains of undead in their path all killed by clerical magic.
Assuming the first mate is in trouble they race into the manors atrium to find the cleric standing on the far side of a tree stump.
He yells to the party to not move, most of the party freezes except for Vassan who is suddenly grabbed by a ropy looking root that begins dragging him toward the tree stump which splits open to reveal a toothy maw. 
So begins the second boss fight of the session as the party currently low on spells and health tries desperately to fight the new foe. going so far as to detonate a gun powered barrel in combat to almost no effect, during this fight the first mate is rendered incapacitated and Drusilla is nearly killed loosing it's arm in the fight before in desperation (and with a few Nat 20 rolls) teleporting into the clouds and dropping the Creature from 25,000 feet into the roof of the manor and escaping death via feather fall.
With the enemy now resembling a paste the party begins looting discovering a third artefact, two daggers called 'the mercy of time'. Then rests while helping to heal the first mate and question them on what they'd been doing. 
They were then told that the final boss was the master of the estate and would be awaiting them in the previously empty main hall and that the first mate had collected the remaining items needed to finish their contract upon escaping.
Having rested and healed the party set out to face the final boss.
In doing so they had a brief meeting with an odd man who simply told them 'that they were pieces in a greater game and would be deal with soon.' then vanished triggering the final boss fight
Said fight was anticlimactic as the moment the boss appears the rouge armed with the artefact dagger killed the boss instantly with a critical hit sneak attack.
Leaving the estate and meeting the rivals.
After a brief encounter with shadow versions of themselves the party found the remaining artefact as well as a teleportation stone in the form of the estates crest.
Having aided her in escaping Drusilla revealed she was once one of the children promised to inherit the estate and rewarded their actions with the title of honorary members of the family and the promise they could return to the manor and stay as long as they please. (Once it had been rebuilt of course)
With that the party set out to Cassomir to hand in their quest, however upon arrival they found a great fire had taken a nobles house and arson was suspected. They cared little about it though preferring to just rest and get payed. 
Sadly rest wasn't going to happen anytime soon as the moment they entered the tavern they'd been staying at they found themselves in the middle of a bar fight.
Apparently started by the orc they'd met the previous day, or so they found out moments later when the Trox entering into the brawl attempting to single handily fight the orc in hand to hand. The brawl which followed resulted in massive damages to the tavern including the Trox being thrown through a wall and them attempting to do the same to the orc before being beaten down into the mud.
While this is happening Vassan and Carran (I swear I'll punish them is one more person picks a similar sounding name.) make their way to the bar to buy drinks ignoring the fight and managing to avoid the worst of it.
 Meanwhile Hilodule finds his way outside and runs into the adventuring group who gave them the quest the other group while looking rather damaged is quick to take the items the party collected and in return pays a large sum of gold to Holidule.
Coming next
The four hours of shopping or as it's better known "I don’t understand"
It's been a while since I updated this. A lot has happened in the recent events of the world so left get under way with.
The four hours of shopping or as it's better known "I don’t understand"
Having just escaped the undead horrors of the Serpentine manor the party felt the need to spend some of their reward money on better equipment and items to be ready for whatever new monstrosity the 'Gods' threw their way.
Carran sought out an alchemist to buy several health potions and a new item known as a flash bomb in order to aid in his roguish lifestyle.
Vassan and Hilodule separately sought out the same Eccentric enchanter, Vassan Brought a custom made set of cloth armour made from the dark leaf plant. While Hilodule enchanted his shield and brought a stock of new ammunition.
Finally when come to the Trox who since the every morning had been attempting to buy a single set of breastplate armour and a war drum, but was currently dealing with a complete breakdown of communication best summarized by 'I don't understand.' after about 15 painful entertaining minutes of this Vassan entered the same shop in order to help translate.
Now better armed and armoured the party set forth with the captain of the Cena with the final destination of Riverton as small town about 3 days travel up the Sellen River.
Only the last leg of the trip which was on foot was eventful in any form with the trox being gifted an amulet of comprehend common by the First mate and the party encountering a nest of Basilisks.
The Harvest Festival and the Arena
Finally arriving in Riverton the Party found in under the control of a democratic group of adventures, knights and historians known as the Order of Ivy.  After submitting to an investigation under a truth circle and paying a small toll they entered the city of Riverton to find it in the process of preparing for a three day festival to the god of harvests otherwise known as Erastil.
After finding a place to rest the party went for a quick shopping trip and wander about. 
This ended in Carran being arrest for public nuisance and promptly breaking out. Followed by Hilodule being employed by a very strange Goblin 'whom seemed to work every job in the city at once' to deliver a cannon to the order of Ivy's fortress. In doing so he caught wind of the possibility of a full scale battle in the future.
With the more trivial matter out of the way the party turned in for the night and levelled up. (The trox now gaining a name and the power to speak common.)
As morning came the sound of the festival woke them and most of the party with the exception of Hildoule raced to the arena to compete in a tournament to win either half the gold worth of bets or a band of intelligence.
Sorcerer verse the princess
As the party arrived Vassan was quick rushed off listed as the first person to fight in the Arena against a member of the adventures they'd met in the previous town. Who’d apparently entered the arena to gain the money to travel into Ustlav lands.
The battle was short bloody and chaotic as magic clashed against magic and in the end the power of the air elements prove too much for the Draconian bloodline of the princess Nadria and Vassan emerged victorious.
Enter the Russian
With the next fight prepped to begin immediately the trox was thrown into the arena expecting fully to be facing the Orc... Instead he found himself facing a simply dressed human in brown clothes...who seemed to be armed with a rifle unlike anything the party had seen. With that the fight began with the Trox having to rapidly close the gap between him and the now dubbed 'Russian.' before the weapon was truly brought into play. This fight quickly turned into contest of grapples and quick attacks as the Russian tried and fail to reopen the gap between him and the Trox. Thus the fight was ended with a second Party victory.
Meanwhile Hiodule passed time in a target shoot out in the town centre winning a great deal of money.
The rouge and the Cleric 
The next fight was quick clean and almost too easy as Carran faced off against an unexpected enemy. The first mate.
Using his clerical powers the first mate attempted to defeat Carran through summoning of monsters and divine spells. However the power of the Sneak attack, plus a lot of blood loss proved to stack damage to an insane degree and the cleric fell quickly.
Thus ended the first day’s fights for the party.
In their free time the party drank and brought new equipment before finding a tavern for dinner. The meal of the day for some reason was basilisk steak and roasted vegetables. During the meal they spoke with the other adventures about business in the city and what jobs they were doing, in these talks it was mention in an idle slightly disguised threat that Vassan was going to pay for harming the princess in the arena and Hilodule wandered off to discover a new profession as a gunsmith.
Day Two
Awakening early the party proceeded to the arena with once again the exception of Hilodule who was doing worth as a gunsmith in the more industrial area of town.
The Rouge versus the sorcerer 
Up first was Vassan again this time he faced another of the other party. 'Who are otherwise known as the rival party?'     
As he stepped into the arena he was greeted by the rouge of their party whom seemed eager to avenge the previous defeat of the princess. 
The fight was a long one with spells flying almost immediately as Vassan displayed his mastery of the Air element. For a majority it seemed his magic would win the day yet again as he force the rouge to keep their distance to avoid being hit with lighting after lighting. However it quickly became clear the rouge had a few tricks as he vanished from sight shortly before appearing next to Vassan and unleashing a devastating flurry of attacks the left Vassan in a critical stated of -17.
Was it not for the power of the arena he's have died on the spot? But instead was forced back to life as his current state. 
Arthur and the Trox 
As the trox entered the arena he was met with the sound of the crowd chanting one name over and over. "Arthur, Arthur, Arthur." Across from him stood a blond haired middle aged man in full plate carrying an ominous feeling sword of pure crystal.
The man spoke briefly over the crowd’s cheers congratulating the Trox on making it so far a revealing that he'd met few freed Trox in his time.
Thus the fight began at Hassan our Trox charged forward in a barbarian rage. Only to be met with a painful counter attack as Arthur's sword passed through his armour and cut deep with a clean blow. (At this point the players realized/decided this was 'King Arthur')
As the fight continued it started to seem the Hassan was on the losing side as his brutal strength struggled against the precise blows of Arthur's sword. Quickly losing his rage Hassan fell to the ground awaiting final blow, As it descended he became filled with anger over being beaten so easily and early. The anger rose and his blood boiled bringing forth a new bought of rage just in time to stop the final blow of Arthur and counter with a rage fuelled flow of attacks catch Arthur off guard and felling him just in a nick of time before Hassan passed out from exertion. Just barely winning this fight.
Rouge on Rouge 
Next Carran entered the Arena faces the rival rouge. This fight was all over the place as a they fought in and out of stealth and the true nature of the rival rouge was revealed to be that of the Kitsune race. A race from the far eastern lands and one well known for trickery... Despite sustaining heavy damage Carran managed to come out on top.
A win by default
The 'final' fight was both epic and frustrating.
This fight unlike the others was announced before the combatants entered. This battle would be between Hassan and someone named The Priestess of storms... At the mention of the other combatant the Arena fell so silent that even those of the party in the wait areas could hear only silence. With that Hassan entered the pit once again to find himself facing off against an unexpected foe. A young girl barely in her twenties dress in robes of a shrine maiden who's skin glimmered like scales and all that remained of her eyes were black scarred pits. 
(Obviously the party was suck in both panic and confidence as some though that the Trox was doomed and the Trox player though beating a blind girl would be straight forward.)
It was clear the moment the fight started that this "priestess" was a tough fighter as Hassan was hit bit a massive both of lighting followed in quick succession by a second one. Before the combatant charged him, retaliating he charged back meeting them in the centre and hurling them into the opposing wall, then grappling them intent of doing the same. 
At this point it had not occurred that being close to blind cast was a bad idea.
With a whispered word Hassan's sight vanished and sudden he was stuck with mind numbing pain at he got his first taste of a slay living spell as the Priestess escaped.
Fortunately for Hassan his perception was high enough to help while also fighting blind and his axe lodged it's self-deep in the foes chest.. As blood splattered across his arms is burned his flesh... 
Whatever this girl was its blood was like that of Fluoroantimonic acid. This quickly turned the fight into a battle of attrition at Hassan tried to weather the storm of lighting based spells and witch based magic to take down the Priestess before he took too much acid damage..
This failed but amazing at the same time as he struck the round ending blow...resulting in a draw.
Thus meaning as the only remaining fighter Carran was the winner by default and choose to claim the grand prize of 260,000 GP. 
Next time
The battle of Riverton
The battle of Riverton
Little happened on the third day as the party roamed town enjoying a well earn break.
However as night feel Hassan and Vassan aka the Trox and sorcerer, begun investigating the first mate who was acting suspiciously. In doing so discovered he had a adopted brother and his family in town, during the investigation he mention something to the family "You need to get out of town tonight something big is about to happen Densa gave me a sign." with this warning the family begun packed and left immediately. As Hassan and Vassan watched them left the gate above them suddenly exploded and collapsed the family just making clear to the other side...
Suddenly all around them bells begun to ring as fire rained down on the town, barely a minutes passed before the now destroyed gate became overrun with foes. The attacker were from a nearby region known as Galt... 
So begun the battle of Riverton as the party currently separate ran through the city aiding everyone they can.
During this time Hilodule was missing from the main group.
After some small encounters the party re-joined at a bridge leading to the order of ivy's fortress, with the plan to fall back from there to buy the real army time. However this was cut short by the appearance of a man, the same man they had run into at the serpentine manor...
Following a brief exchange the party traded blows with the man during the fight Vassan was shot through the heart and killed instantly only to be brought back moments later by the first mate who joined the conflict...
However in doing so the first mate drew the foes attention and was killed almost immediately following this action.
His death was so brutal that it reduced much of his upper body to mush.
The Cleric now dead the party resorted to destroying the bridge seemingly killing the man and falling back to the next one.
However it soon proved futile as he came back moments later. At this point Vassan realized they were fighting some form of Lich and worked out the firearms the Lich was holding was its mortal tether.  Leaping into action Hassan destroyed the object and the bridge they were on in the process. Before passing out from fatigue, the fight over Carran sought out a healer in the fortress in the attempt to save the first mate and recover the party... Unfortunately the damage to the first mate was too great and he remained dead.
With the battle not yet over they re-entered the town to search for others, at first they only found the Rival party whom were surrounded with a sea of blood and bodies, the Rivals claimed to have been holding the western most gate until recently.
Continuing on they found Arthur locked in battle with several Galt forces and attempting to protect two of the local militia.
Then Came the Dragon...  
As they attempted to aid Arthur they came under attack of a Huge Chromatic red dragon whom claimed to have been awoken by the battle and sought to exact vengeance on those who woke it.
The battle with the dragon was bloody at first and looked to be going badly as Arthur was soundly beaten again and again into un-conciseness only to renter the fight moments later..
This was until the Arrival of Hilodule and his newly invented Artillery weapon, opening fire on the dragon he rendered it flightless and deal the bulk of the damage...
The final blow however came from Vassan who out of most major magic simply stated "I really don't care anymore" before killing the dragon with a low level magic missile.
The council.
Following the death of the dragon the party was 'asked' to follow the marshal of the Order back to the fortress to await questioning regarding the dragon.
After the questioning was finished and the real army had won the battle, the party was lead to a meeting with the local leader for the Order.
However the trox was not present, he had been asked by Arthur to investigate rumours of a Trox village and left on said quest immediately.
After much round about discussion the party was awarded a prototype airship as thanks for slaying the dragon and given the aid of a human man named Providence in their adventures. 
Providence being a former prisoner of the order was bound by a magical oath to do as the order commanded.
Summoning should be done outside.
With much of the city in ruins and little keeping them there the party prepared to leave first meeting with the Captain of the ship a very old teifling by the name of Jerka. Whom seemed happy to be able to set sail again.
Before leaving however Vassan set out investigating any information about a missing 'friend' of his...Alone....
In doing so he encountered a skilled assassin sent by his debtors to take him prisoner or kill him. The battle was short lived as the dice gods seemed to decree that Vassan was not to be harmed and refused to roll anything above a 2 for the attacker.
As Vassan returned to the ship with a newly gained sword and an assassin life debt allowing him to safely go about his business he found Carran and Providence attempting to scry the location of Carran's missing sister...
This proved to be a very bad Idea as moments later a Monstrous creature known as a Eildon appeared briefly wreaking havoc on the small room is had been summoned in before being slain and disappearing into nothing leaving one clue. A page from Carran's sister’s diary detailing that she was travelling to Taldemesh with to meet a mercenary leader who'd take her to meet her new 'empress.'
Setting out immediately due to having nothing else to do the party arrived about 3 days later on the outskirts of taldemesh in an area now dubbed by the players. 'Upper buckfuck nowhere'
As they were proceeding into town the sound of combat reached them and they raced to intervene finding several other people currently fighting local nomadic orcs.
And so enters the newest four members of the party.
(To be continues once I get more notes on people characters.)

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