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Additional/Outside Resources
As suggested by Grinch, this thread is for compiling a list of resources for finding/creating in person D&D games! If you have found a valuable resource, please feel free to share it! I will try to keep the list on this 1st post as updated as possible. Nod


Additional/Outside Resources:
Want to know where other fans of Critical Role are around the world? Curious if there are other Critters in your area? Add yourself to the World of Critters Map

1) Follow the link and select Additions: Add Marker - Simple. 
2) Under "Name," add your twitter handle (beginning with @) or your twitch screen name... or both!
3) Fill in the name of your home city and country and click Submit.

Now other Critters using the map will be able to see where you are and possibly contact you through twitter or twitch; and of course, you can contact other Critters as well. If you and another Critter live nearby, you could meet up at your local game shop and possibly even start your own game!

Feel free to share this map with any other Critters you know. We have over 750 markers listed so far, but the more we can get, the more likely you will be able to find other Critters near you!


A few notes on submitting markers: Please don't include your home address; city and country are as precise as the information on the map needs to be. I remove images and hyperlinks, just to keep the markers simple. I also remove duplicates (so if you make a mistake on your marker, just add a new one!) and markers with no handle or screen name. This keeps the map easy to use and keeps it oriented toward the Critter community.
Nice idea, thanks.

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