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Latest Episode Gossip
Matt is hammering Taliesin so I fully expect the little sister to be there, zombie?  no, Ghoul or Vampire maybe.
If his little sister survived, it would be a good tactical move for the Briarwoods to turn her.  They didn't seem altogether surprised to see Percy alive, so it's possible they knew he escaped.  If they did, it stands to reason they knew there was a chance he might start talking about what happened, and they'd very likely want a way to combat any accusations he made against them, and his little sister refuting any claims he made would be a pretty good way to do that.  She'd also be a great way to refute any claims that anyone else made against them.

Plus, it's just a great way to twist the knife, narratively.  And who doesn't love that?
I'm also interested in VM's current plan to create a sort of revolution. If they play their cards right maybe Matt will let them gain the town as allies in overthrowing the Briarwood's? If they're clever and work quickly it would definitely give them an advantage in the fight, if not just a needed distraction.
(10-18-2015, 03:20 PM)DaggerDaggerDagger Wrote: I'm also interested in VM's current plan to create a sort of revolution. If they play their cards right maybe Matt will let them gain the town as allies in overthrowing the Briarwood's? If they're clever and work quickly it would definitely give them an advantage in the fight, if not just a needed distraction.

I thought that was a brilliant idea, and best I can tell from the way Matt DMs, I think if they put the time and effort into it, and get the rolls they need, he'd let them recruit the town as allies. The question is whether Percy being a de Rollo will help or hinder them with that. On the one hand, what little we've heard about the family makes them sound like the just and fair type of nobles, so they were probably decently well liked by their people. On the other hand, there might also be a lot of, "You've been alive this WHOLE TIME and just left us here to suffer?" It'll be interesting to see play out.
I wonder what all the dragons were in the mountains that Vex sensed... Kobolds maybe?
Ohhhh snap, that was an intense episode! Let the revaluation commence. Anyone have some thoughts on what pact percy made? It seems he was given the idea of the gun, so it goes without saying he will have to pay something (probably of greater worth, and definitely of personal value). Maybe this spirit of vengeance needs the Briarwood syndicate defeated for it's own personal reasons, and killing them all will unleash something far worse on the world? Maybe it has something to do with whats being excavated/ created under the castle?

I'm also very interested in the wording on that burnt piece of paper in the graveyard temple. It mentioned something about "the still living subject", which raises a number of questions. Do the Briarwood's have a greater influence over Percy than anyone originally thought? He was captive for a short time before being released by his sister. Lady Briarwood probably has truesight, so they would have known they were talking to Percy the whole time during the feast in Emon, and yet they never showed a hint of surprise or worry during that whole showdown.

I'm just throwing this theory out there, what if the Briarwoods invaded Whitestone because of a great evil power that lies beneath it. They immediately tried to harness it by using those at hand, including Percy, as test subjects. These early tests where inconclusive, and when Percy escaped they didn't pursue too relentlessly as they wished to see the results over a longer period of time. This entity is furious at the Briarwoods trying to take control of it, so it goes to the only person alive who has been in contact with it and is free of their control, and makes a bargain with him. Power for vengeance. If Percy does complete his quest, maybe the Briarwoods, though evil, are the only ones stoping this entity from having free reign...
I believe it's safe for me to wildly speculate here... on many things.
Percy's Pact: (wild theory) This game began in Pathfinder. In Pathfinder there is Abraxas the Demon lord of magic and Forbidden Lore. Guns would have to fit in that category. So Percy made a deal with Abraxas... Why you may ask. The Briarwoods. A vampire and a wizard/warlock of great power. They HAVE to be on the Radar of Orcus also a Demon Lord. Who has been recently weakened with one of his two horns locked away in a nigh impenetrable vault of goodness. Taking out two such powerful servants along with whatever plan they're working on would benefit Abraxas and weaken Orcus even more.

'The Project' (Wild Theory): What would drive beings as powerful as the Briarwoods to invade Whitestone? I think the answer lies with Matt's choice of Pelor as the god of the region. Pelor originated in the Greyhawk Setting. (As did Kord for which I give Matt kudos) Now there's some dogma connected to Pelor. His most powerful Relic the Orb of Sol was used for the twisted purpose to create one of the most powerful undead in this or any realm, A Death Knight. Lord Kargoth convinced 12 other knights of the Great Kingdom of Aerdi to betray their vows, steal the Orb of Sol and enter into a dark pact. He used forgotten lore to twist the Orb's power to facilitate his own transformation with the help of the Demogorgon. Now here's the Prince of demons Creating a powerful undead using forbidden knowledge. Stepping on the toes of Orcus AND Abraxas. Now the Orb vanished from Greyhawk Lore not long after Kargoth was created. Who's to say Pelor took the orb and gave it to his most devout followers the ancestors of Percy to protect it from misuse. Who's to say the Project has been to corrupt that orb again, the side effect is the death of the Sun Tree? (Yes this is 'out there' editions have made neither Abraxas nor Demogorgon present together in the same setting. but still an interesting concept.)
Interesting, it would make sense for Matt to further the worlds scene even in a backstory quest. If you're right this whole campaign will lead nicely into a follow up quest from their dip into the underdark, possibly with Orcus as the target? I like it :-)
We already know Orcus is missing his horns.  What if another one is under Whitestone and the Briarwoods want it for power?

As to Percy's pact, I wonder if his mask is something of a clue.  Are there any beings powerful enough to make a pact that have avian-like features?

I'm also really curious about one of the things in Taliesin's interview on G&S.  The exact quote:  "He’s this wonderfully damaged boy who thinks his whole life has been defined by this one act of cowardice, and it has, it’s just not the act he thinks."  So which act is it?  What if he did something at Whitestone that attracted the attention (or the ire) of the Briarwoods?
That act he's talking about, I think, is making the pact with the shadowthing. He's spoken previously about how he made this character to be the guy who invented guns and brought them into the world at large - with a heavily implied focus of that being a real dumb thing to do.
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