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Favourite Vox Machina Moments (Spoilers)
I'm curious to find out everyone's favourite moments from the show. I have introduced a number of friends to critical role and although we all spend hours talking about the usual epic moments, it's amazing how often completely different things get the most laughs out of us.

For example one moment I found so incredibly funny I literally cried with laughter (something I have never done before) got only a token chuckle from my friends. The moment was in episode 9 at 54:15, where grog is captured and bound in iron on a cart. Keyleth then proceeds to burrow underground in her earth elemental form and appears next to grog. The reaction Travis makes to Merisha's "Rock Language" made me laugh for a good 5 minutes straight, and in my opinion is the funniest moment so far.

Please share the moments that made you fall in love with the series :-)
We share a favourite moment then, I had to walk away from the screen to stop laughing.
Grog's reverse haggling technique is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.  Grinning
Favorite? As in single? Just one? That's too much to ask of me!

I think my favorite parts are the players reactions to stuff in game. When they just can't help themselves sometimes. Having thone reactions is what I strive for as a DM. It's usually little stuff too, like how Liam had to stop for a second when Matt was introducing the map maker NPC, he had to stop to just tell Matt how blown away he was. Or how much emotion Travis put off when they finally got turned on by a certain someone.

That kind of stuff is the best part for me.
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I agree, what makes it special is their commitment. I presume it comes from their acting careers but it always blows me away. The moment they free the paladin and she meets the mind-flayer for the first time, Orion goes into a huge rage in-character. I think moments like that are what make the show different from anything else out there.
My favourite moments tend to be the little one liners players gets off. I don't usually even remember them a bit later, but at the time I'm killing myself laughing.

Recent example: "We're friends of the elderly". I think Scanlan said it, and it just cracked me up after Keyleth's disapproving lecture. And, of course, the whole cows thing was fantastic.

I love how when Critical Role started airing they were already an established group attached to their characters. It's so obvious they are friends and it just shines through. I love how creative they are. It's just a good atmosphere.
When the carpet is destroyed and you can hear Laura's anguished scream from the other room.

Kashaw kissing Keyleth. Marisha's reaction is just perfect.

Travis's notes on Clarota.

Scanlan's many inspiration songs.

"I'm Tiberius Kraghammer."

There are so many that I can't possibly list them all.
Basically, this:
When Percy purposefully leaves his hand inside the bullette's maw. His GUN hand.
One of my absolute favorites, being a huge Vaxleth fan, was Vax's confession in the most recent episode. NO ONE saw it coming, not even Matt lol
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