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A Critmass to Remember
Hi all, my names Laurence, and I'm from the UK. One of the things that sets Critical Role apart from any other show I have seen before is the genuineness of the cast and the generosity of the community. I always look forward to seeing what clever and thoughtful gifts the team receives at the end of the show.

Though I would love to send a gift myself I don't have the funds to get the team something cool. So I had an idea to create a crowd-funding site for all the critters who would like to send a gift but don't have the means. The idea is a lot of small donations could be enough to buy a community gift (voted for by the community) for the cast and crew. As the show supports charity, it would be nice if a percentage raised could also be donated.

Please let me know your thoughts, I think the critter community is amazing and that together we could make a critmass to remember. To all those who have donated and sent gifts already, please know you have put a smile on more than just the S.H.I.T.S faces ;-)

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