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Time-Zone: GMT

Availability: Sunday from 7pm GMT right through till 7pm Tuesday evening GMT so any playtime between and I can make it work.

Game edition: Preferably 5e but if the setting and group and play time were favorable I'd defiantly try and learn a different edition.

Experience level: Player as a fighter in 5e mostly on roll20. Most of the games I played were large group games so it was more combat heavier than RP which wasn't what I was looking for. 

Preferred class types: I can slot in quickly as a human fighter if needed I have a character ready to go. However, I would like to try maybe an arcane trickster or a ranger/Druid.  I have a character in mind for an arcane trickster and only the Starts of a ranger/Druid but as always whatever was chosen I would like some input from the DM.

Summary of Myself: I'm quite a shy guy but I was instantly drawn to d&d after watching Critical Role subbed to G&S just to go back and watch the previous 10 I think it was at the time episodes, back to back where I could. While I'm now 31 and was always into console RPGs I never came across D&D and how great it was until CR and now I'm just looking for a weekly game with the possibility of making new friends and creating new stories.

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