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[Full Again] Valendor
Thanks Mental my application still stands the same as above Smiling

Name: Talon
Age: 23
Preferred Race/Class: Aarokra/Dragonborn Monk
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): Part of a club and a gaming group that used to meet up. However, since most of our group left I still remain at our club. I DM a game during our club meetings and on the weekends I play in a game with the members of CrittersCommunity called The Shifting Sands where I have been playing with them for a couple of weeks now. In terms of time I would say I have about 2-3 years of Pathfinder/DnD under my belt
Preferred Playstyle: Would love to RP more am a little awkward since I'm still having a hard time doing it and being able to interject during key moments. If I'm able to be given a litle more solo moments you would see me able to explore my character more since I always have thoughts about how my character should be.
A little about yourself: Usually a very quiet guy had a hard time socializing back during grade school when I got to college I had to learn to come out of my shell a bit more. Was able to make more friends because of this and become a bit more open.

Note: I am PST since I live in California.
Hey all, thanks for the interest It looks like the spot has been filled. Be sure to check us out on Twitch at every other monday, or catch our episodes on youtube at
Happy gaming.
~Mental - DM
Name: Eric

Prefered Race/Class: Human/Elf ( sometimes Half-elf) - Rogue/Ranger(sometimes Warlock)

Even though it looks like i am late to the party i have a character background i really like made up. I figured since i have it ready i would throw it up in case another spot becomes available in the future. This Link  > < will go to my character backstory as a google doc. this character was made to be a Rogue who favors a shortbow but can be adapted to be a ranger or even a bow wielding fighter class depending on the parties needs.
~Like Scars of the Flesh that leave a White Line. Scars of the Soul Rarely fade over time.~
Well, as you said the game is currently full. That being said I figured I would address the character you submitted. For my games at least this character wouldn't be accepted without some reworking. I understand that you wrote his bio out the be engaging and mysterious, but it does very little to tell me anything about the character itself. First off if we allow the fact that a sub level 5 character has taken out numerous bandit camps and goblin armies single handedly, an issue I could address at length, you have shown me a very flat character. Ok so he is a person who is good with a bow and makes money being good with a bow and being good with a bow has made his life hard. That's about it. There is no depth of story or character. I notice in the entire bio you only gave one name, the characters name. There are no connections or relationships of any kind. You start with saying that he "just appeared" one day in a field. Ok, maybe someone thinks that's the truth, but this is your bio... what really happened? Why? Who with? 

Characters are deep stories wrapped up in an adventure, but they need more than "he is really cool" to drive a story. Even batman had a childhood story that drove his actions. You should be able to answer most of these questions about your character if you want to play in a long term campaign:

Every player in the Valendor party could probably answer just about every single one of these questions about their character. Yes your character is going to have magic and be cool and kill things, but what is their story? 

To wrap it up, in my games I am a very firm believer that the story and adventure happens to the party during the game. Yes starting at a higher level gives some leeway to have had some adventures before joining the story, but low level characters that have destroyed entire country sides worth of bandit camps make no sense to me.

Jst my two cents.
~Mental - DM

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