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[Full Again] Valendor
Name:  Talon
Age: 23
Preferred Race/Class: Aarokra/Dragonborn Monk
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general):  Part of a club and a gaming group that used to meet up.  However, since most of our group left I still remain at our club.  I DM a game during our club meetings and on the weekends I play in a game with the members of CrittersCommunity called The Shifting Sands where I have been playing with them for a couple of weeks now.  In terms of time I would say I have about 2-3 years of Pathfinder/DnD under my belt
Preferred Playstyle: Would love to RP more am a little awkward since I'm still having a hard time doing it and being able to interject during key moments.  If I'm able to be given a litle more solo moments you would see me able to explore my character more since I always have thoughts about how my character should be.
A little about yourself:  Usually a very quiet guy had a hard time socializing back during grade school when I got to college I had to learn to come out of my shell a bit more.  Was able to make more friends because of this and become a bit more open.

Note: I am PST since I live in California.
Name: Alex
Age: 23
Preferred Race/Class: No strong race preference; barbarian, druid, or rogue
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): Listening to/watching several podcasts/shows, I've played a few sessions of a Lost Mines campaign on roll20, starting up a homebrew IRL as one of the players, and will be in a Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign on roll20 in about a month
Preferred Playstyle: My characters are usually chaotic, particularly in combat, but I also have a sense of support strategy. Outside of combat, my characters usually let others do the talking, stepping in when they spot a moment to be effective. I enjoy RPing, and will soon be taking improv classes mostly to improve this. I like to let the dice roll as they may.
A little about yourself: Video games and books compete with each other for my attention, though I do have the occasional night out on the town. I also do a bit of writing of my own, so I'm familiar with world- and character-building. Very easy going, I can adapt to most situations.

For timing purposes, I'm in CST.
Preferred Race/Class:if they are in DnD a catfolk otherwise half elf, Cleric or rouge class
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general):I've played no DnD in the past but am a GM for Dark heresy and pathfinder so I am very used to the idea of table top.
Preferred Playstyle: I generally favor playing a semi supportive role and keep players safe, I do this by either actively assisting in combat or by providing buffs or debuffs to friends and foes. For example weakening a foe so the barbarian can get the kill.
A little about yourself: Current Uni student aiming to be a teacher, I love DnD books and gaming, well generally anything that tells a tale. I often end up being the person of reliance in groups or workplace due to my tendency to be over eager to help.

I am in Australia so GMT +10 but if given the time of session I can easily join.
If I don't get into this game I'm happy to join other games so long as people are happy with a noob.
Hey everyone, just a heads up that if anyone still wanted to apply for a slot in the Valendor game there isn't much time left.

For everyone that has already applied I am going through all of the applications right now, between the forum and roll20 I have well over 50 applications for the game to look over.

Some of the slots have been filled but there is still room for a few more players. I will let everyone know once all of the slots have been filled.

~Mental - DM
Go ahead and drop my app if you have that many to pick from. I have more ongoing commitments than most others probably do - not effective utilization of players to have me in this one too. Smiling
DMing a game being streamed on Mondays at 8 PM Eastern! COME WATCH!
@quadz08 on twitter
To any and all interested I will stop accepting applications for this by Saturday, Oct 17th. If you would like a chance to play please have your application submitted by then. Thanks.
~Mental - DM
Name: Nancy
Age: 24
Preferred Race/Class: Elven, Tiefling, or Half-Elf // Monk, Sorcerer, Wizard, or Cleric
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): None at all. I'm a newbie to D&D. Only know some basic rules from watching Critical Role
Preferred Playstyle: Immersive story lines - I can get into character if I know the story. Since I'm just starting out I think I want be on helping defend the other players (i.e. healing, stat buff) but also be able to engage in some offensive moves as well. 
A little about yourself: Pretty big nerd about anime and recently D&D. I also read manga occasionally; both shonen and shoujo types. I love food and I will often visit a city just to try the food there. I like listening to pop and 90's R&B music a lot. I am a generally nice person when you meet me. I am very softspoken with crowds/lots of people in a group, but I can hold a pretty good conversation when it's with one or two other people. I also have a degree in engineering (specifically biomedical) which means I am responsible for most of the medical equipment/devices you see in hospitals (i.e. pacemakers, glucose monitors, ECG monitors). For me personally, I am fascinated with cells and the regeneration properties of cells to replace damaged hearts, blood vessels, skin,...etc and I hope to get a job doing that someday. 
Last chance for Valendor applications everyone. After today I won't be accepting anymore.
~Mental - DM
Ok everyone. Valendor applications are now officially closed! I have sent out messages to those that were selected, if for some reason some of the people selected can't make the obligation I will go on to the next person until we have a full party.

I want to say thank you to everyone that applied, I really appreciate all of the interest. Hopefully down the road we will be able to stream the Valendor campaign. If that's the case I will be asking for some community input from the forums on certain aspects of the game.
~Mental - DM
Hey everyone. Just a heads up there is currently an open spot in my Valendor game, so I will be considering applications again. Any and all that are interested can apply. The selection will be very carefully considered as I am trying to find a fit for a well established group that has been playing for some time. Also we stream the games and post the videos on youtube afterwards, if you're not comfortable with that please don't apply. Thanks everyone.
~Mental - DM

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