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[Full Again] Valendor
Hey everyone. I am putting together a new homebrew campaign. You can read about it in the Current Campaign thread here:

If anyone is interested after reading all of that please get back to me with the following:

Preferred Race/Class:
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general):
Preferred Playstyle:
A little about yourself:

I understand a lot of people are nervous about giving out any personal information and that is fine, however this is going to be a bit of a serious campaign. It will run for a long while and you will spend a few hours every two weeks interacting with the party members, so a first name basis is basically a guarantee.
Genasi Ranger
Been in a homebrew campaign for a while now with an amazing GM, currently running through Lost Mine, as well as DMing my own games. So you could say I'm pretty experienced lol
I like heavy RP, staying in character, and keeping things fun.
A little about myself...hmmm since you know nothing about me.... I've enjoyed RP games for a long time. I'm fun, I try to keep things light, and enjoy joking with people.

I'm pretty certain you should pick me lol
Personal Twitter: Locke_and_Load
Campaign Twitter: ValendorDnD
Character Twitter: SkylatheRanger
Name: Ryan
Age: 31
Experience with 5e: 3 sessions as a player, 1 as a DM, but don't be intimidated Tongue Out
Preferred Race/Class: A spellcaster, wizard/sorceror/warlock/druid... Or maybe fighter or a monk... But probably a human. Or a dwarf or halfling. I'm interested in a lot of things.
Preferred Playstyle: I like an emphasis on roleplaying, doing voices, that sort of thing. I like the structure of numbers but all the flavor is in the characters.
A Little About Me: I'm a web developer living in Nashville. I've admired D&D from a distance for several years but never played until about a month ago, and now I'm hopelessly hooked.
Name: quadz
Age: 25
Preferred Race/Class: No preference at all
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): Playing in one ongoing new person campaign here, in two 3.5e campaigns that just started recently (one online, one in person). Also will likely have some one-offs under my belt by the time this gets rolling.
Preferred Playstyle: RP-heavy, rather than combat-heavy
A little about yourself: I am new to the RPG scene and really enjoying myself - I'm hoping to get comfortable enough with 5e (which I like better than 3.5e thus far) to DM.
DMing a game being streamed on Mondays at 8 PM Eastern! COME WATCH!
@quadz08 on twitter
Name: Mark
Age: 38
Preferred Race/Class: Human/Dwarf Fighter
Experience with 5E - played 4 weeks in one campaign that has no disbanded, and another session. So new, but listen and watch a lot of sessions run in 5E to gain experience at least with the rule set
Preferred style: Good mix of both RP and combat...both have their appeal to me
About Me: Married with three kids, small business owner (wife is my partner) where we make signs. Tried picking up D&D back in high school, never took off, and have always had a side interest in it. Like a lot of people Titansgrave led me to CR and the desire to find a game really came on. As for timing, a Monday or Tuesday night would work great for me, anytime after 7pm EST (kids bed time). Really want to find a long term campaign that I can sink my teeth the idea of working up the levels of the character...
Name: Brian AZ_RUNE on Twitter
Age: 41
Preferred Race/Class: Dragonborn, Tiefling, or a Minotaur
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): Very experienced with other versions other than 5th Ed. I have the three main books and supplemental Unearthed Arcana. I like warrior mages (ELdritch Knights and such).
Preferred Playstyle: I enjoy colabrative play with emmersive story worlds.
A little about yourself: I am a network engineer, web designer and artist ( you can reach me at

I posted on both threads.
Name: Todd
Age: 40
Preferred Race/Class: Halfling. Best race. Paladin, Druid, Wizard.
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): 4 5E Sessions in Roll20. Have the 5E PHB which I know pretty well now. Started playing originally 28 years ago with the Red Box up until 2E AD&D then I stopped playing and played Rifts for awhile.
Preferred Playstyle: Descriptive RP and descriptive combat. I have an active imagination.
A little about yourself: I'm a geek. Into a lot of the typical geeky sci-fi and fantasy stuff. Also do professional IT work. Stepping outside the stereotype, I hold a certificate to teach a specific style of Filipino Martial arts that I got after I had to stopp practicing Aikido because of a knee injury.
Name: Gabby
Age: 19 (turning 20 in a month)
Preferred Race/Class: Half-Elf Rogue or Halfling Bard
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): D&D in general - I played a lot when I was younger but have been busy as of late to really play anymore
Preferred Playstyle: Collaborative but I enjoy just sitting back and listening
A little about yourself: I would definitely need some help with creating a new character as I haven't been able to play in a long while and am not used to 5e's system.

Name: Jon Siegel
Preferred Race/Class: wizzard/sorc/warlock mostly, Dragonborn, gnome, tiefling
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general):Have Dm'ed about 4 games in person played in 3 campaigns. (trying to play more)
Preferred Playstyle: Well calculated (would love to full on RP with people)
A little about yourself:

I grew up playing lots of random games and after playing alot of board games i decided i wanted to try DnD. I asked around and got into a campaign with a coworker and played with him on 3.5 for a while. After that came to a hault from him having personal life issues we had to stop. I love to play any and all games! I have played soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, basicly anything with a ball Ive played in our local city games.
Name: Emrys
Age: 25
Preferred Race/Class: Half-Orc / Monk
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): New! I've enthusiastically watched my friends play their Pathfinder campaign, but I've never done a proper personal session myself. I have the 5e PHB and understand the ruleset.
Preferred Playstyle: Wouldn't know, but I always enjoy heavy story sequences be it one person or the entire party.
A little about yourself: While completely new to tabletop RPG, I've enjoyed more then my fair share of fantasy RPG and just games in general. Once upon a time I dabbled in pen & paper. I'm a sucker for anything that attaches you to the story and characters.

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