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It just seems from your description that there is quite a bit of non RAW stuff going on in the session. Not sure if you are just simplifying how it took place, or if things are actually being run that way.

-How do your death saving throws play out? It sounds like if you succeed on one saving throw you get back up?

-How many people were manning each canon? DMG states that even a small swivel canon takes two actions to reload/aim&fire. From the sound of the damage I would say they are larger canons, those take three actions to load/aim/fire.

-If they were the larger fixed canons, how were they aimed exactly at one player aboard a moving ship from another moving ship? Most of those canons are setup to take out the broadside of a ship not pick players off on the move.

I agree without knowing the exact situation it's tough to know whats going on, and we'll only have one side of the story here. It sounds like your party was split up. If you were out in the open with several enemies having clear chance to shoot at you with no other targets, then you may be at fault. However if the rest of your team was engaging the enemies and they went out of their way to target you then maybe its the DM. I personally find it hard to believe, according to RAW, that two moving ships with fights on all or most of them would give any chance of all the canons rapidly being able to target one person on the deck of another moving ship.

That's just my personal opinion though.
-With that I did over simplify a bit that was almost 15ish turns i told with most of them just trying to swim from boat to boat.

-with the death saving throws after I would succeed the Druid would always help me up with cure wounds

-The cannons were the larger ones and that is what made me mad because I kept telling my Dm They wouldn't be able to hit ne
So over the course of 15 turn you took 70ish damage from 8d8 canons? Thats not terrible.

Death saving throws are only able to stabalize you unless you roll a nat 20. Healing is required to stand up so that seems fine.

I'm not part of the game so I can't say if it is or isn't a good mechanic but it doesn't sound as terrible as when I first read the thread now that we have more information.

I would say you should try and stay closer to your support/party in the future and not rush into situations where you are out in the open with no cover and no support.
I was just annoyed because I wasn't the only out in the open and I eventually went to cover and the others were still out
You should talk to your DM. If it's an ongoing issue and you feel like he is being unfair, then you should explain it to him. If you can't work it out together as a party then you may have to find another group to game with. It doesn't do anybody any good to have disagreements brewing in the back. Bring it out in the open and if that doesn't solve it, leave the situation. If being an adult doesn't fix the problem it will only get worse from there.

Surprising how much just talking about an issue will accomplish.
yea I will try I like the and we are friends but he can sometimes be difficult and thinks for the advice

I hope it will not be problem because the next area we are heading to will hopefully involve less combat.

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