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Unfortunately we only got those for the youtube. We didnt start steaming till session 3 and didn't realize they didn't archive them.
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(01-28-2016, 02:18 AM)Adam Owczarek Wrote: I could only find session 5 and 6 on yalls twitch.  Entertaining, however!

Read through the OP, helped keep explain a few things.

Do yall have a schedule?  Keep the campaign going.


Hey Adam,

First off thanks for checking out our game! As Shewolf said, unfortunately we didn't get our stream settled until around session 5. From here on out however we should be streaming all sessions, and then posting them onto youtube to keep them archived. If you want anymore information o the story so far we also have a wiki started up at you can also follow our twitter @valendordnd for updates.

Or game is every two weeks on Mondays at 6pm PST. 

Again thanks for tuning in hopefully we keep providing an entertaining game, we are having a blast making it!
~Mental - DM

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