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Hey everyone, I am in the early stages of world building a new home brew campaign! There is not much info to be given out yet as it is in the very early stages right now. I will be posting here as I flesh this out more. I have a few members that will more than likely be joining the party, however there will probably be room for one to two more members to join in on the fun.

I typically run a very free flowing player driven campaign, the players input and decisions will have lasting effects on the world around them. This will probably be a very in depth long running campaign, a good mixture of RP and combat.

Stay tuned for more info as it comes up. I will probably edit this post with more details in the future.

Here is what I have so far (10-12-15)

When: It looks like this will most likely be a bi-weekly game. It looks like it might be a Monday or Tuesday evening game. I am on Pacific Time so if something in this time frame works for you we can tweak the exact time to suit everyone involved.

Where: The game will be taking place online using roll20. I require voice chat for the game, video is optional as per player comfort but not required. You will need at least a free roll20 account to play, and depending on the preferred voice system of the group we will either use the roll20 voice chat or possibly skype.

Streaming: This is not a for sure, but there is a chance this campaign may stream it's sessions. It will come down to technical issues, as well as player comfort levels. If you are not comfortable with your game play being streamed don't let that discourage you from applying. It is not 100% that this game will be streamed, just a possibility.

What: I will be running a homebrew campaign using DnD 5e as the system. All classes and races are on the table from PHB and EE, except possibly one race from EE. Unearthed Arcana is subject to my discretion to use and will have to be fully discussed with me to put it into play.


Premise: A world in which the veil between the material plane and all other planes is very thin.
Portals find their way through all the time. The portals of this realm are a central part into how
this world works. Other planes are easily accessed either on purpose or accident. There is open
trade with some of these planes. The portals also allow instant travel across the material plane
if you know what you are doing.

The main kingdom of the realm has control over an ancient structure, The Maelstrom Temple, that
predates any known kingdoms or civilizations. This structure is the most prized possession of the
kingdom that rules over it. It grants them direct control over the portals of this world, allowing
them to control the trade with other realms, allowing instant trade with other kingdoms, and allowing
their armies instant access to anywhere in the world.

The Kingdom that controls the Maelstrom Temple has established an order whose sole purpose is the containment
and control of any new portals that form. When they learn of a new portal, a team is sent to find the portal,
assess the situation, and contain the portal. The portals are then either permanently shut down, for safety or
purely selfish reasons, or they are contained for future use or possible relocation to the Maelstrom temple.

World Building: The players will be a crucial part of the world building process. Once the players are selected, we 
will all get together in a session and discuss the characters that will be played, the backstories, the type of campaign 
that will be run, and what everyone expects out of the game. During this session a lot of the world details will be discussed
and talked about. As a DM I like to ask for player input on the world they will be playing in. Are you the only Dwarf in the party?
Then why wouldn't your character be the one that knows about how Dwarf society works? In that case that player will help me in
discovering how the dwarves of the world will be.

Characters: I will be working with every player that is selected to create a character that works well with the story, the world, and
the other players in the party. Your characters will have secrets, sidequests, personal interests, and surprises that not even you know about.
I as the DM will do my best to never tell you what to do with your character, and I will facilitate an environment where your character has a
chance to flex their freedom. If you are unable to make a session I will have your character sit the session out if possible. Otherwise you as the
player have the choice of letting another player run your character, or I will run your character for the session you miss. Often times this only
applies to combat situations, and the character will remain silent in most RP situations. You can always let me the DM know what type of things 
your character would like, items, armor, storylines... whether or not they show up is at my discretion. However I have not had any complaints yet
on character development. Most of my players in my homebrews have very strong connections to their characters, close calls often cause very tense
and emotional moments. This is going to be a long story your character will be a part of. Lets work together to make it a good one.

Players (This is a social disclaimer, none of this should be a surprise):  My players are expected to uphold the social contract. I am
going to try and run a fun enjoyable game, you as the player are expected to take part and not be disruptive towards me or other players.
Bullying players or me is not going to be tolerated. Sexist comments and attitudes are not going to be tolerated, I often have female players
in my games they will be treated with respect, just as any other player would. Everyone will have their chance to shine and it won't always
focus on one player, sometimes the session won't be about your character, and it might not have as much combat as you like. That is going
to happen, it is not an excuse to be disruptive, you will be given chance to participate. Not to mention in a few sessions it is likely you will be
given more spotlight than others. Each player will have a chance to fully explore their characters story, however I will not have one
player suffer at the expense of another character. We are all here to have fun and build an interactive story together. The party will
not work with players that are opposing each other at every turn, and I do not wish to attempt to try. I do not expect characters to
see eye to eye on everything, that would be boring. However a player that openly hates another player for their race or class is not
good RP in my opinion, it is disruptive, a breach of the social contract, and not exactly fun gameplay for everyone involved. This is
not to discourage anyone, and not everyone will agree with my opinions on this, but this is the game I will be running. Clean, respectful
and cooperative.

Rough draft of the world map so far.

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I am conceivably interested depending on when this starts and such things Smiling
DMing a game being streamed on Mondays at 8 PM Eastern! COME WATCH!
@quadz08 on twitter
The sessions will probably fall during the week sometime. Probably monday or tuesday nights. They will be every two weeks most likely. Anyone interested in this game will need to be able to make the commitment to be at every session. A missed session will mean a month between games for a player and thats a good chunk of story. A lot of work will be going into the story and the players are the key part of that story. Last minute drop outs and constant missed sessions make things very difficult. I understand that sometimes stuff comes up, but if it is a recurring thing it will be an issue.

If there is interest I will begin asking for applications once the details are more concrete.
A small update on the premise of the world has been added to the original post.
Another update to the post. 

I will be taking applications for players now. The game time is still not set, and the first session is still a long ways off. However if you are interested in playing please send me a PM with the following information.

Preferred Race/Class:
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general):
Preferred Playstyle:
A little about yourself:
Name: Brian AZ_RUNE on Twitter
Age: 41
Preferred Race/Class: Dragonborn, Tiefling, or a Minotaur
Experience with 5e(or D&D in general): Very experienced with other versions other than 5th Ed. I have the three main books and supplemental Unearthed Arcana. I like warrior mages (ELdritch Knights and such).
Preferred Playstyle: I enjoy colabrative play with emmersive story worlds.
A little about yourself: I am a network engineer, web designer and artist ( you can reach me at
To any and all interested I will stop accepting applications for this by Saturday, Oct 17th. If you would like a chance to play please have your application submitted by then. Thanks.
~Mental - DM
Ok everyone. Valendor applications are now officially closed! I have sent out messages to those that were selected, if for some reason some of the people selected can't make the obligation I will go on to the next person until we have a full party.

I want to say thank you to everyone that applied, I really appreciate all of the interest. Hopefully down the road we will be able to stream the Valendor campaign. If that's the case I will be asking for some community input from the forums on certain aspects of the game.
~Mental - DM
So we just finished up our Session 0. It went really well. It looks like we will be tracking our campaign on Obsidian portal.

There is next to nothing there right now, but as the world pans out I expect it will fill up pretty quickly.
~Mental - DM
For those of you who may want to keep up with the story, or if you miss the Twitch stream, you can check us out at
Personal Twitter: Locke_and_Load
Campaign Twitter: ValendorDnD
Character Twitter: SkylatheRanger

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