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[Need2 people]One shot weekly Episode 2 Sign up
Are you...

... a player who wants to casually "date" other DMs and players to see if your roleplaying styles mesh?
... an experienced DM who wants to try a wacky concept?
... a player who wants a break from their character and try out a wacky concept?
... a noob (like me) who wants to dip your toes into DMing without having to sustain a long-term campaign?
... a DM who wants a break from DMing and just play, but don't have the time to commit to an ongoing series?

Welcome to One Shot Weekly, where every week a new DM will lead players through a single session. 

Episode 2: Your Backstory:

You have caught wind that Burt Reynolds attorney at law is looking for some skilled theifs.  After sifting through some applications to his "Lawfirm" he has selected you his top 5 candidates. You have received a letter from Burt himself inviting each and everyone of you to meet him outside the city of Levanox at a secret location.

Who to hire:
-Burt was looking to hire somebody with brains to help be the leader of his group. Somebody that had strong leadership quality and somebody who could hold their own in a fight.
-Burt was looking for somebody with a set of skills that would allow them to sneak around and take out subjects. This person ideally would also know they ins and outs of picking locks.
-Burt was looking for the grunt of the pack.  Somebody with strong brute strength that no matter the situation manually and physically take care of the obstruction.
-Burt was looking for somebody with a keen eye and able to watch from a distance and scout ahead/be look out for any situation. 
-Burt was looking for somebody who can run point.  Somebody that is very outgoing and will do anything for the cause.  This person would ideally be good at distracting people and persuading them into whatever is needed.

Character Parameters:
- You are level three. 
- You can play as any of the 5e PHB races.
- Write in your backstory how you found the application or other means. I may incorporate small elements of your backstory.

What system?
- 5th edition D&D.

- Roll20!

I mean, where does this take place, like, in Forgotten Realms?
- I don't know enough lore or geography for that, so let's just say this is an alternate universe. 

- TBD, but will be at least a couple weeks from now while I prepare (presuming there's interest).

How many players?
- I'll likely limit the first session to 4-5 players, but even if 5 people have applied here go ahead and make an application because I'm sure not everyone will be able to make it when the date is eventually set.


- Name:
- Class:
- Race:
- Backstory: (You are being hired by a top tier crimelord, Share your experience and why he should hire you.)
- Personality:
Whoo hoo, time to grow a mustache!

Name: Fortune
Class: Warlock
Race: Tiefling
Possesses a incredibly high opinion of himself and is overconfidence personified. Seemingly oblivious of his monstrous appearance in the eyes of others, he is convinced that anyone he comes across will find him irresistibly attractive. He exaggerates his successes and quickly forgets his failures, all in the service of his ego.
Fortune's life of crime has been comprised almost entirely of con-jobs, employing the "art" of seduction (some people have a type) in order to exploit the confidence of rich individuals (and a couple poor ones, accidentally). After hearing about the job offer from Burt Reynolds, Fortune neglected to send an application, assuming he wouldn't need one, and merely sent a message saying "I'll be there, you're welcome."
I am conceivably interested here. If I do / can end up participating, I highly suggest all of our characters have mustaches.

Name: Tanga
Class: Barbarian
Race: Human
Personality: Not the brightest of lamps. Enjoys a good practical joke, which for her usually means hitting someone when they don't expect it. Rather lacking in social graces. Plenty of body hair, including a noticeable mustache, because barbarian, duh.
Backstory: Tanga was raised by a family of giants who just didn't realize she wasn't a giant until she was nearly an adult. As such, she doesn't do much of human society well, and tends to underestimate her own strength. She didn't receive a written invitation (which is good, as she is entirely illiterate). Rather, Burt saw her accidentally knock out a bar patron while attempting to pat him on the back after taking a shot, and invited her along immediately.
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I'm interested but it would be my first time, assuming that's okay here's my details:

Name: Cot
Class: Monk
Race: Half-elf
Personality: Easily startled, shy and inexperienced but, Absolutely determined to find his own way.
Has never shaved before.
Backstory: scared of most things outside the monastery, Cot became a monk to escape reality through meditation. He lived his life completely isolated within the safe confines of his room practicing the ways of the monk until his monastery ran out of funds and was foreclosed on. Now he must venture out to seek his own income to survive.
Looking to get 2 more players if possible and then we will try and get a date and time settled for this session!
- Name: Nevon Marx
- Class: Ranger
- Race: Human
- Backstory: Former street urchin that grew up on the streets of Duncaster, a small village on the coast. Was taken in by other orphans when he was young but left town after they were killed in a scuffle with the town guard.
- Personality: Does not trust anyone except his pet mouse, Moose, that he keeps in a small pouch around his neck. He also believes that he can speak to Moose as well
Bad Chilii
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DMing a game being streamed on Mondays at 8 PM Eastern! COME WATCH!
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Name: Aria Goodwin
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Backstory: The only memories Aria had of her childhood are few and far in number. From what the adults in her life have told her, she was brought to the church on a cold winter night. Crying for her mother's warmth, the nuns took pity on the baby and took her in. She lived there until she was five when her attitude got the best of her and picked a fight with another one of the orphans. From then on, Aria moved around various orphanages, never truly fitting in any of them. At the age of 12, she ran away and took to living in the streets. After a scuffle with a local gang, she was saved and "adopted" by Alister Goodwin, a half-elf rogue, who became her mentor and father figure for the rest of her adolescence. Aria had a knack for picking locks and stealing trinkets from her days on the street and once she turned 18, set off on her own to discover what the world had to offer. Always looking to make a quick buck, Aria took on any job she could find, whether it be retrieving important documents or permanently silencing any witnesses. As she pondered over her next job in a tavern, a Burt Reynold's sat down next to her and was apparently hiring some folks to handle a job. After much convincing and failed small talk, she agreed and Burt handed her a notice to meet up in two weeks time. Downing her ale, she sighed as she waited for her next paycheck....
Personality: silent, but deadly. A shy and independent gal of few words but when given a task, she will see it through to the end. Though often reliable, her difficult past gets in the way of her fully trusting anyone except herself. 
Alright everybody Ill be sending invites to a game here in the next day or so. What days work best for all of you and what times? I can only do it at night
I can do every other friday, if we do it starting next friday.

Alternatively, I'm good for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday nights as a general rule, I think.
DMing a game being streamed on Mondays at 8 PM Eastern! COME WATCH!
@quadz08 on twitter

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