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"Snowflake" Characters
Hey all, new here, but this thread caught my eye and I love the discussion. Thought I'd add my two cents as well, hoping some of you are still following the thread. I totally agree with what's been said so far, people too often make the mistake of thinking rare or exotic character options are interesting on their own. Like this right here, just because those race/class combos are not common doesn't make up for the fact that the rest of the backstory is still pretty cliche.

Quote:dragonborn/tiefling/drow necromancer/warlock who's entire village was slaughtered by his own magic sending him into madness and making him hate humanity

I've never actually heard the complaint that a backstory is too epic for a new character, but now that you mention it that's an excellent point as well. That said though, I do sort of find the relative power levels in D&D and similar systems a bit ambiguous in terms of how awesome your character is starting out. It seems like it might help to emphasize the point that a level 1 character is just barely more durable than any random townsperson.  That's a reason things like level 0 adventures are IMO really useful, especially with new players. Besides giving helping establish a group backstory, the ones I've seen definitely give a good perspective on what stage new PCs are at in their career as adventurers.

Also I was hoping that the offers of bouncing around cliche characters in an attempt make them more interesting and give them a bit of life still stands, as I would love to participate. So, I'll volunteer a stereotypical level 1 human fighter as the first subject. In my experience it is the class/race combo people find the least interesting, especially if they're new to TRPGs. So how do we approach this, just toss out backstory snippets? Or maybe start with the 5E backgrounds? Or just some a single basic character motivation? I'm up for any of these approaches and if no one else wants to start I can, but I figure I'll see if y'all prefer a specific approach since you started the convo.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I'm excited to join a critter community, as I've been following the show forever and am a lifelong RPG player and sometime DM.

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