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Dragonborn Paladin
I actually filled all that stuff out - I used the PHB background section as inspiration for a lot of where it came from, along with your suggestion on the forgotten god thing.

Personality Traits:
Willing to listen to all sides of an argument
Somewhat squeamish, but comfortable fighting
Unafraid to lead, but willing to follow
Would rather talk than fight, when feasible

Fairness and kindness to all

Respect for literature and historical items
Anyone who knows about Derekkarand

Easily distracted by promise of information, particularly about Derekkarand
Uncomfortable with aggressive interrogation or torture

Alignment I guess I'm not certain on! I had originally marked him down as lawful good, as it seemed the way to go with a paladin - but perhaps Neutral Good or is more the way to go, given the backstory I've given him now?
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Sounds awesome. All thats left is to play him out and feel how he develops.

Alignment is kind of tough to pin down, I personally don't put a lot of thought into alignment beyond the basics. I feel my personality and background is going to tell me way more than my alignment.

If I were to do the alignment system thing I would probably ask myself something along the lines my character completely selfless, completely selfish, or a somewhere in between? How does he feel about authority figures?

That's my personal thoughts on alignment. There are a lot of people that use the alignment system to it's fullest because it works for them.

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