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Been Away for Awhile...
(01-17-2016, 04:31 AM)DaggerDaggerDagger Wrote: I hear you about bad note taking. I quite often have moments of inspiration while playing and just add in something new that wasn't in my notes while playing a session. When this happens I make a a quick note on a sticky pad with a rough idea of the extra plot so I can work on it in detail for the next session.

This has led me to a few awkward situations, including once when I forgot to develop one plot and introduced another character later on with the same name. Originally a lead to a nasty baddy, I accidently used the same name for a harmless old lady with a rat problem. It took a long time for the laughter to end when I explained this to the paladin who smites her as she turns to make tea for her guests.

Obviously the old lady was the baddie's grandmother and secretly thoroughly evil  Winking

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