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One Shot Weekly: Ep1 [Full]
Are you...

... a player who wants to casually "date" other DMs and players to see if your roleplaying styles mesh?
... an experienced DM who wants to try a wacky concept?
... a player who wants a break from their character and try out a wacky concept?
... a noob (like me) who wants to dip your toes into DMing without having to sustain a long-term campaign?
... a DM who wants a break from DMing and just play, but don't have the time to commit to an ongoing series?

Welcome to One Shot Weekly, where every week a new DM will lead players through a single session. 

I'll be running the first session. This will be my first time DMing, so it might be a little bumpy, but it'll be fun. If you would like to run the next session, just PM me or message me here.

Episode 1: Your Backstory:

For years, the city of Herring Bay was a simple fishing town with simple folk. However, due to less aggressive tariffs than other nearby isles, over the past couple decades it has become a popular port for trade ships on their way to and from the Big City. 

That's where you're headed. Whatever your motivation---whether you are seeking wealth and opportunity, rushing to the aid of a family member in need, or perhaps on the run from something in your past---you found yourself a spot on the Cuttle Spray, a clipper captained by the half-elf A'maravel. You've been out at sea for two uneventful days... 

Character Parameters:
- You are level one. 
- You can play as any of the 5e PHB races.
- Write in your backstory why you want to travel to the Big City. I may incorporate small elements of your backstory.

What system?
- 5th edition D&D.

- Roll20!

I mean, where does this take place, like, in Forgotten Realms?
- I don't know enough lore or geography for that, so let's just say this is an alternate universe. 

- TBD, but will be at least a couple weeks from now while I prepare (presuming there's interest).

How many players?
- I'll likely limit the first session to 4-5 players, but even if 5 people have applied here go ahead and make an application because I'm sure not everyone will be able to make it when the date is eventually set.

"Big City?"
- Yeah, that'll probably change. Just go with me here.

- Well, I didn't anticipate that question so go ahead and post it here.


- Name:
- Class:
- Race:
- Backstory: (include why you found a place on the Cuttle Spray)
- Personality:
I'm interested for sure. It would depend on the time for me. Some questions/ideas. For the character creation are you doing standard stats, point buy, or rolling for stats? Do you want each one shot to take place in a new world/different world? Or maybe as an interesting idea could each session take place in the same world and eventually help flesh out a reuseable campaign world? Voice, video or text only? Skype or roll20 for chat? Are you going to have each DM host their own game or is one person going to host and promote the new DMs to share resources?

Just a pile of thoughts and questions haha. Seems like a great idea I hope it takes off.
(09-29-2015, 06:12 PM)mentalburnout Wrote: (1) For the character creation are you doing standard stats, point buy, or rolling for stats?

(2) Do you want each one shot to take place in a new world/different world? Or... each session take place in the same world?

(3) Voice, video or text only?

(4) Skype or roll20 for chat?

(5) Are you going to have each DM host their own game or is one person going to host and promote the new DMs to share resources?

1.  I'd prefer either standard array or point buy. With this being my first DM experience, I'd rather not introduce unpredictable stats before I have an instinctive grasp on balanced encounters. 

2. I want them to be whatever each DM wants them to be. If they want to expand a shared universe, awesome. If they want to run a game set in the Alien universe, perfect. Above all, I just want it to be free space for DMs to run a game however they want. If a particular universe gets reused a lot and becomes a thing, in my mind it probably should become a spin-off series. But that's "cart before the horse" talk.

3. Definitely prefer video because I think facial expressions and gesticulations are powerful roleplaying tools, but voice-only is fine if players don't have a webcam or have anxiety about being on camera. Player comfort would trump my preference.

4. I haven't used either chat function, so I'm open to suggestion.

5. I could make an argument for both. But I think I'd prefer each DM using their own account, just because I don't want this to rely on any one person. If this became a thing, that could be something to move towards.
Sounds good, I think that in 5e rolling stats can give big character and power level gaps and makes it hard to balance encounters for. The roll20 voice chat works, I personally find it to be a bit echo heavy on the audio. I use skype most often, but there is the convenience factor of roll20 and for people with less powerful connections or computers roll20 seems to be easier than running multiple programs. Sounds like you've already got the right attitude of a good DM. Community needs more DMs with the right attitude.
Well, I'll hope you'll be able to play. It would be nice to have the option to phone a friend if I get stuck.

I'm adding a format for character applications to the original post. Full character sheets aren't necessary quite yet but if you're feeling frisky, go for it.
Well even if it doesn't work out where I can play I'll keep the phone a friend option open. I'll be glad to help out however I can.
Name: Nevon Marx
Class: Ranger
Race: Human
Backstory: Former street urchin that left the big city as a child and lived most of his life in the woods. Along the way, he came across a small mouse he has taken as a pet, named Mooze. Nevon's childhood friend Hadrick was killed trying to save him in his youth and as a result, Nevon trusts no one.
Personality: Nevon is very protective of all his belongings since he grew up an orphan, he also is a bit scatterbrained and thinks he can talk to his mouse Mooze
Bad Chilii
Critter, Nerd, Sworn Enemy of Nightbot
Would love to join.

Actually don't have a name yet, still working out the specific details
Family was killed in an accident when he was only 10, he feels it was his fault (may or may not be true) and ran away from his home. He grew up on the streets learning the ways of a rogue. He doesn't steel other than to feed himself, his talents are more for keeping in the shadows and hiding from people. Especially the city guard from his home town. He has been able to keep one step a head of them for the last 12 years but each time they keep getting closer and closer. He takes passage on the Cuttle Spray hoping this will give him some breathing room. But he believes he will always be on the run.
He is neutral, he has guilt from what he believes he has done, and that makes him quiet most of the time, however when the need arises he can put on a new face and act the part he needs to either to get himself out of a jam or line his pockets so he can find a place to sleep
Awesome! Bad_Chilii and SignGuyOttawa, I'm going to send you some PMs with a join link as soon as Roll20 stops timing out. After you sign in, I'll assign character sheets to you so you can start building out your character. Once we get one or two more players we'll try to find a time that works for all of us.

Looking at your character's backgrounds, it might be neat to coordinate a little. Maybe you ran in similar circles? It also might make sense that you're both stowaways on the Cuttle Spray, or took some menial job as part of the crew.

I would love to play.

Name: Timox "Tiny" Smallfist
 Race: Gnome
Class: Barbarian

Backstory: Always picked on for being small. Timox grew tired of it and learned the ways of the Rage! Being an orphan he learned the hard and fast way of the seedy underworld. He became an enforcer for a known under-lord. Over the years he grew tired of the constant fighting, he fullfilled one last mission to buy himself out of debt. He is now traveling to see what the world has in store for him.

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