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D&D 5E One-Shot Open for PCs
I have created a one-shot D&D 5E adventure and would like to run it online for a few different groups of players.  The adventure is designed for 4-5 3rd level characters.

I am on Pacific Time, and I plan to run the sessions on Saturdays, late-morning or early afternoon, using Roll20.

Fair warning: I haven't used Roll20 for a full game yet, so I anticipate a few hiccups in the first few sessions.  My goal is to get more proficient with it and create the tweaks that I like for my game. Once these sessions are done, given enough time, I will likely run a longer-term campaign in the same world (custom).

I have created 5 pre-made characters - pretty standard fare - to make things easier to setup and run. So no extra work required from the players. But if you have a 3rd level character that you love, I may allow it. Or not.

So without further ado, please let me know if you are interested in playing.  I would like to know the following: name (nickname, username, etc. is fine), age, gender, previous experience playing RPGs (which ones), top 3 favorite elements in a game (from the ones below):
  • Fantasy (losing yourself in an imaginary world)
  • Narrative (a well-told story)
  • Challenge (obstacles to overcome, foes to defeat)
  • Fellowship (social interaction and cooperation)
  • Discovery (explore and learn new things)
  • Expression (say something about who you are and what you believe)
  • Abnegation (turn off your brain, kick doors, kill orcs)
Technical requirements: machine able to run Roll20, stable broadband/FiOS internet connection with enough speed for video chat with 5 other people.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming.

I might be interested. My PC runs Roll20. The connection may be a little spotty, but I'm not sure since I haven't tried it with 5-way video chat before.

Name: Adam (TiamatZX on Twitter and here)
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Previous Experience: Currently playing a 5e campaign as a level 3 eldritch knight
Top 3 Elements: Narrative, Fellowship, Expression
My YouTube channel for VG commentary playthroughs. Come check it out of you want.
Proud supporter of Vaxleth, an adventurer looking for campaigns to join, and just an avid fan of Critical Role.
Interested in seeing what you have in store.  Always up for a fun game.
I haven't run on Roll20 but I am told I have the right software and computer for it.

Name: Drake R Finney (on here, twitter, book of faces)
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Previous Experience: Started in college in the 90s with Shadowrun and Rifts.  Mostly have been the GM because no one else wanted to do it.  Few years back started on Pathfinder and 5E.  Really enjoying them.  First time in 20 years I got to play a halfling monk that I just had a great time playing if you have one of those available... Smiling
Top 3 Elements: Only 3....only 3, that is like taking a kid to a candy store and saying "only 3 from the top shelf."
Hey Drake.  Sent you a couple of PMs but it doesn't look like you're checking them. :Smiling A spot opened up for this Saturday, Sep 24th, 6-9pm PDT.  Please let me know asap.  Anyone else reading this who might be interested, let me know also!


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