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LFG Euro timezones
I'm down for a game. My time frame is est but i prefer to play late nights my time that tends to be morning in eu.
*raises hand* Another looking for a game of ideally 5th Ed D&D, be it US or EU based. I'm a Brit living in Germany and looking to get back into roleplaying for the first time in close to a decade. I used to play classic D&D (the old Red book and later), MERP and a couple of other things.

I'm new to 5th Ed D&D, I've been watching Critical Role avidly, I have the players guide and would love to be able to game again.

I would be able to do M-F from 8:30 ownwards (CET) and would be happy to work out other times on Sat/Sun. I am generally a nightowl so could start and stop later be it the week or weekend.
Hey, Scottish Critter here. I would also really like to get involved with a 5E D&D game! I have no experience playing this kind of RPG before but I've basically memorised the rulebook by now and, having seen both Critical Role and Clogs and Crumpets stream their games, I have a pretty good idea of what to do. I'm available a lot of the time, but notably not Sunday evenings.

And it seems like there's enough aspiring players in this thread, so all we need is a Dungeon Master...
If there is still interest - I might be willing to run a couple of games of 5e to see how it goes.

I've DMed 3.5 and Pathfinder, but haven't yet done 5e, so it will be a learning experience for me too.
Hey everyone

My name is Anthony and i'm 19, living out Jersey in the Channel Islands. I've been roleplaying for a few years and since I started watching Critical Role I really wanted to play a game of D&D myself so i'd be very interested if one were to start up that was friendly for new players.
Greetings from Robin Hood country (a CG ranger if ever there was one), I'm Rebecca (28), yet another noob up to date with CR and looking for a campaign.

I've played solo RPGS before on the pc, spellforce, vampire the masquerade etc, and have been reading the 5e books for the past couple of months.

I have a few ideas for character  backstory but I haven't set my heart on anything yet.

I'm a night owl by nature but my work hours vary each week and sometimes I start at 6am so I'll have to play it by ear.
Hi All,
So, I'm an English filmmaker (director, DOP, actor, scriptwriter) currently based in Prague (that's GMT+1). I've watched every episode of Critical Role, and been an addict since around episode 4. I last played D&D around 25 years ago, but recently tried roll 20 and had a great time. I'd really love to get in a 5E game, and think it would be awesome with fellow critters. I currently work nights Sun-Thurs (8pm-5am) as a DJ so really looking for anyone who can do Fridays/Weekends. Have Players Handbook and ideas but open to all suggestions.
Hi! I'm Alex, also known as the Balrog on the web. I'm an Italian Dungeon Master with a good experience in the ways of DMing. Since i got my C1 language degree in english (this means i can speak it as good as my mother language) and I've watched the critical role adventures, a strange idea came to my mind. Why not tring to be the DM for a group of peaple not from my country? It is kind of a challenge to test my skills as a DM and as a graduated in english language. So, if you are a newbie of D&D, i would very much like to try to play together and introduce you to the game, going on trilling adventures and stories! We can use skype, or google hangout, and Roll20 as the gaming platform.
Who would be interested?

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