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So we've started a 4e D&D game with some friends.  We're very short on miniatures, though.  Anyone have any insight on how to get a starter set of miniatures?

FWIW, I have no interest in painting my own.

Would really love to get a good human druid/lynx combo.
Well you're kind of outta luck if you don't want to paint at all. You can always just use bare figures without paint. I would recommend Reaper Miniatures Bones Series. They are affordable and great starting miniatures.

Painting in itself is not difficult to just get base colors on the miniature. If you want a highly detailed paint job then it gets difficult. Painting can be a fun and rewarding hobby though if you get into it. I love painting miniatures now. And trust me my first paint jobs were rough. Extremely rough.

Lynx (well Bobcat but close enough)
Human Druid (female)
Human Druid (male)

And because it's my favorite druid miniature... Dwarf Druid:
Two other suggestions I received I thought I would pass along.

Ebay - this guy seems to have a good selection, but I can't vouch for whether or not he's reputable:
If you're looking for cheap solutions to get you through until you can afford more legit minis, I've used small animal toys as monster stand-ins in the past. You can usually find them some place like wal-mart or in craft stores. Think "tube of dinosaurs" and such. They don't look as cool as real minis, but they work.

I enjoy painting, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE reaperminis, which was already mentioned. Great selection and quality.

The other option would be some of the Pathfinder stand-up figures:

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