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Chronicles of the last Storm Keepers
Savage storms batter the Sword Coast of Faerun, and ill omens ride the tides. Where once cheerful banter and friendly conversation filled tavern halls, now folk sit hunched over their drinks, talking in whispers of troubling things. Fisherman speak of monstrosities sighted at sea, and of ghost ships glimpsed in banks of fog. Civil unrest has closed the borders of the Human Kingdom of Amn. The Elves of the High Forest have disappeared, and tales that twisted abominations of nature are spreading from the peaceful nation of Cormyr to the east.

It is at this fateful moment in time a band of half brothers depart from their fathers traveling troupe of entertainers and set off to find their own glory.

We're now in our third session of the new campaign and things are going well so far. The party decided having a linked backstory might make the group dynamic more fun, and so far it's working well. The party includes:

Sanbarr - Halforc Tempest Cleric
Finbarr - Halforc Sorcerer (and twin of Sanbarr)
Lysander - Human Bard
Venatour - Halfelf Druid

Each share the same father, Dr. Ignacious Grey (leader of Dr. Ignacious' tremendous Travellers).

At this point the party have arrived in the small port town of Daggerford. After making a few enemies and friends (definitely more enemies than friends) the party find employment with the local leader to patrol the warehouses on the docks, as things have been going missing recently. The nights work quickly becomes more complicated as a rotten husk of a ship turns up in port with no crew, eerie music echoing from its hold.

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