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Critters of the Apocalypse NPC log
On Roll20 I usually keep a thread of NPCs in my games for two reasons.  One it's a handy resource for my Players to refer to, and two the act of searching for art to represent these NPCs and filling out notes about them helps cement them in my own mind as a DM.  I usually do this on a campaign forum in Roll20, but as I recruited all the players for this game from here.  I've decided to keep my NPC log here.

To my players, feel free to post if you think I missed any details that should be added to an NPC's notes.  To everyone else, enjoy, feel free to comment or question anything.

Spoiler Warning:  This is a modified Princes of the Apocalypse campaign.  There may be potential spoilers for that adventure ahead.  If you plan to play it some day be warned.  By the same token as I retailor NPCs to suit my players, our ongoing story, or just my personal tastes those familiar with the adventure may be confused by some of these entries, but really that's part of the fun.  

Note on formatting. Usually I'd make multiple posts, and index links back to the first post... but this forum likes to merge two consecutive posts from the same user into one post, unless I have the max number of images in the post, which is 10.  So looks like I do this the hard way

NPCs of the Apocalypse
Residents of Red Larch
  • Braelen Hatherhand, Half Elf, Red Larch
[Image: dell.jpg]
Braelen was found in the Tomb of the Moving Stones face down with stones piled on top of him.  He said he was down there as punishment as he failed to deliver a letter for his father in a timely manner.  Told the party his father was one of The Believers.  He'd been down there for quite some time, and was very hungry and thirsty when the party found him.  Said that Grund had snuck him some food.  Clearly scared of what his father will do if he leaves.  Ameera gave him Brandis' dagger.  Did not know about the human sacrifices.  Led to the All Faith's Shrine by Ameera, currently staying there.
  • Cade Springhill, Halfling, Red Larch
[Image: halfling_by_crescentmoon-d3fhphi.jpg]
The "handsome little fellow" who works at Red Larch Books who caught Kithri's eye.  Friendly well read sort. Introduced Kithri to the shepherd Greenboot.
  • Constable Marillar Harburk, Human, Red Larch.
[Image: med.jpg?1438914088]
The constable of Red Larch.  Well into his 5th decade but seems to still be in decent fighting form.  Carries himself like an old soldier.  Took down one of the Black Earth cultist at Mother Yalantha's in a single critical hit.  Level headed, took in and processed the conspiracy rather well.  
  • Grund, Half Orc, Red Larch
[Image: 8245068195_85fe5107b6.jpg]
Simple minded half orc that was employed as a guard in the Tomb of the Moving Stone.  Was fooled into thinking the party were part of The Believers.  Let them out of the trapped hallway.  Told the party he wasn't supposed to let anyone down the hall that didn't show the hand sign of the cult.  Was then sent to 'clean up' and was trapped in his own trap!  Snuck Braelen food according to Braelen.  Sat and waited in the cage all day after being told to by Hussong.  Was arrested as part of the sting.
  • Haeleyna Hanadroum, Human, Red Larch
[Image: PZO8500-CorvineGale.jpg]
Originally from Emon.  Haelenya operates a hot spring fed bathhouse and dress shop out of her home.  When she was younger she and her sister attempted to join the Earth Ashari druids.  Her sister passed her tests and took her vows, Haelenya did not follow through.  Still she knows enough to recognize the storms this spring as unnatural.  Her sister is currently living in Goldernfields to the south.  Is making a shirt for Hussong.  Ameera shoplifted several small accessories from the dress shop.
  • Endrith Vallivoe, Human, Red Larch
[Image: med.jpg?1439594406]
Proprietor of Vallivoe's Sundries.  Retired caravaner.  Associate of Hussong's father.  Hoarder.  Will buy and sell practically anything.  Has a lot of doors.  Contacted House Hussong about a strange alter that came into his possession.  Employed Moghan as an assistant and mover.
  • Garlen Harlathurl, Human, Red Larch
[Image: 1406655909385.png]
Barkeep at the Helm at Highsun.  Jovial.  Likes to have Hussong in his place because ladies like to buy the pretty aasimar drinks.  Know's not to keep Moghan waiting.
  • Jace Lyford, Human, Farm outside Red Larch
[Image: Jace.jpg]

Farmhand from the Trapper farm who was found beaten unconscious on the Cairn Road.  Stabilized with the help of Kithri, was able to tell the party about his attack. 
  • Kaylessa Irkell, Human, Red Larch
[Image: a6591cc881ae2242948bf8429a396165.jpg]
Owner of the Swinging Sword Inn.  The Inn Ameera and Hussong were staying when the campaign began.  Friendly, remembers her customers.  Has done business with Hussong and his father various times over the years.  Told the party about Valklondar, an elf bowman from Beliard who would regularly stop at the Inn.  Makes a great breakfast. 
  • Larmon Greenboot, Human, Hills around Red Larch

[Image: c562ea6e50eecfa1045653c0ee58cbb7.jpg]
Shepherd.  Takes his flock up and down the hills around the Cairn Road.  Encountered the blackened skull pinned to a tree with an arrow at one of his favorite places to make camp.  Asked his friend Cade about it.  Cade in turn asked Kithri for her expertise on the matter.
  • Mangobarl Lorren, Half Elf, Red Larch
[Image: 214573-merlinus.jpg]
'Mango' to his friends.  Owner of Lorren's Bakery.  Inherited this bakery from his uncle on his human side.  Used to be a fence in Emon, and was a fence used by Ameera.  Knows Ameera by the name 'Vesna'.  Has gone "80% legitimate".  Married, has a kid on the way.  Tipped Ameera off that the town council has some shady dealings going on, and over heard the magic word.  "Treasure"  Has put on a few pounds since Ameera saw him last.
  • Molly Trapper, Human, Farm outside Red Larch
[Image: Molly.png]
Farm girl whose pa's farm was saved from creditors by Brandis while walking the earth (like Kane in Kung Fu).  She came to Brandis to ask for help when some bandits on the Cairn Road beat up one of the farmhands on his way into town.
  • Pelle Mhandyvvar, Tiefling, Red Larch
[Image: tiefling_tykes_by_everwho-d7bspjg.jpg]
A precocious young tiefling.  Her grandmother own's Mhandyvvar's Poultry (Red Larch 14).  Taken in my Moghan's height.  Doesn't like it when people stare.  Totally saw a ghost once.  Likes funnel cake.  Knows how to share.
"By endeavoring to please everyone he pleased no one, and lost his ass in the bargain." - Aesop's Fables, 'The Miller, His Son, and His Ass'.  500 BCE
All things considered I'm amazed the only thing Ameera noticed about Albaeri was her dress. 8)
Heh, well, searching for D&D Gnome Female (or woman, or girl) got me a lot of interesting results. Most were well armed, few were sporting high fashion. This one worked. I like her facial expression. Befits her station and manner as a woman that feels she doesn't get the respect she deserves. She just also happens to have large... tracts of land.
"By endeavoring to please everyone he pleased no one, and lost his ass in the bargain." - Aesop's Fables, 'The Miller, His Son, and His Ass'.  500 BCE
I find pinterest really good for finding images to use for npc's Smiling
Villains of the Apocalypse

  • THE LORD OF LANCE ROCK! Human, Lance Rock, Deceased. 
[Image: The%20Lord%20of%20Lance%20Rock.jpg]

The Black Earth
[Image: BlackEarth.jpg]
  • Lokren, Human, Red Larch, Deceased.
[Image: zizegbzki504a2c8qimr.jpg]
Priest of the Black Earth found in the Tomb of the Moving Stones below Red Larch.  Serves someone named Marlos, but did not seem particularly loyal to him.  Was posted to 'bend the minds' of the elders of Red Larch after 'losing a hostage' to the Howling Hatred.  Had something to do with the Draconia Delegation.  Did not know that you never give heroes a set up line.
  • Traynor, Human, Red Larch.  Deceased.
[Image: EarthCultistWarrior.jpg]
Commanded the Black Earth Cultists staying at Mother Yalantha's bunkhouse.  Wore armor made of stone.  Knocked Brandis out.  Seemed not to care that Lokren was dead.  Seemed to not care for Lokren's subtle tactics.  Claimed the Black Earth would take over Red Larch and make everyone bow before the Mountain That Walks.  Was killed through a combined effort of Brandis, Kithri, and Hussong. 

The Crushing Wave
[Image: CrushingWave.jpg]
Behind the bandits on the Cairn Road. 
"By endeavoring to please everyone he pleased no one, and lost his ass in the bargain." - Aesop's Fables, 'The Miller, His Son, and His Ass'.  500 BCE
Heroes, or rogues with good dice and an appreciation for comedic timing.
The Believers
[Image: 203believers.jpg]
  • Aerego Bethendur, Human, Red Larch
[Image: Father_Abstalar_Zantus.jpg]
Owner of Bethendur's Storage (Red Larch 20).  A tall man, the only one of the Believers not to show up for the sting.  Was found later in his home by Brandis, Ameera, and Kithri.  Doesn't seem to like cats.  Currently has a small red handprint on his cheek.
  • Albaeri Mellikho, Gnome, Red Larch
[Image: Gnome_Girl_in_the_Path_by_Silverhyren.jpg]
Red Larch Councilwoman.  Owner of Mellikho's Stoneworks (Red Larch 18).  Seen arguing with Marlandro Gaelkur in the market, and Elak Dornen at The Helm at High Sun.  Overheard saying her workers "are becoming suspicious and are starting to talk".  Told Ameera that she shut down her night shift to save on lamp oil and because she can't trust her workers without her direct supervision.  Likes to treat herself, and pick up the latest fashions from Emon.  Part of some secret fraternity of town elders according to Mangobarl.  Told Ameera she'd soon be joining the inner circle, said she had to go through some sort of hazing first.  All she needed to do was wait until the proper resources were gathered.  Was captured in a sting operation orchestrated by the party.  Was hesitant to perform the sacrifice on someone she knew.  Has huuuuuuuuuuuge tracks of land.
  • Bargustas Harbuckler, Human, Red Larch, Deceased.
[Image: 19.png]
Old man found whittling in outside the Tomb of the Moving stones.  Carpenter, and formerly a member of the Town Council, now retired.  Was fooled into thinking the party were part of the Cult of the Black Earth.  Blithely talked about the abuse of the boy Braelen and human sacrifice.  Believed the storms were probably the work of the Howling Hatred.   Mentioned the Howling Hatred rides massive giant vultures with 20 foot wingspans.  Was struck down for his callus attitude towards life and suffering by Brandis.  
  • Elak Dornen, Human, Red Larch
[Image: PZO8500-Cullin.jpg]
Owner of Dornen's Fine Stone (Red Larch 12).  Member of the Town Council.  His marble finishing shop is Albaeri's largest customer.  Seen in a discussion with Albaeri Melikho at The Helm at Highsun.  Told Albaeri she'd understand everything 'when she joined the inner circle'  Seemed to take a lead role within the believers.  Recognized Hussong when he went into his shop.  Urged Albaeri to go ahead and perform the sacrifice on Gaelkur.   Has a sweet Burt Reynolds mustache.  Was granted minor spells performing the sacrifices at Lokren's behest.
  • Ilmeth Waelvur, Human, Red Larch
[Image: 20110721190750]
Owner of Waelvur's Wagonworks (Red Larch 16).  The secret passage in the back of the Tomb of the Moving Stones leads up to his untidy and cluttered workyard.  Presumably performed human sacrifice as he displayed the spells Elak said they got from the rituals when he was chased by the party.  Does not look where he's going.  Was captured before he could get help or alert the rest of the Believers. Didn't seem particularly respected by his workforce, as they stopped working as soon as he was off the lot.  A real jackass according to Vallivoe. 
  • Marlandro Gaelkur, Human, Red Larch
[Image: med.jpg?1439773724]
Local barber.  Member of the town council.  Believed by Mangobarl to be a member of some secret fraternal order.  Overheard telling Albaeri not to worry and trust Lokren.   Came into the Tomb of the Moving Stones through the Wagon Works and was knocked out by Brandis and used as a 'sacrifice victim' in the sting operation.  Not originally from Red Larch according to Elak Dornen.  Taken into custody with the rest of the Believers in the sting operation.
  • Rotharr Hatherhand, Half Elf, Red Larch
[Image: 21.jpg]
Manager at Luruth's Tannery.  Father of Braelen.  Punished his son for failing to deliver a letter by putting him in an underground chamber without light for two days with rocks piled on top of him.  Was the only one not to surrender when the jig was up.  Took a swing at Constable Harburk.  Was knocked out and taken into custody. 
  • Ulhro Luruth, Dwarf, Red Larch
[Image: 1318729771656.jpg]
Owner of Luruth's Tannery (Red Larch 19).  He can't smell a thing and subsequently reeks of tanning agents.  Getting up there in age he employs Rotharr Hatherhand to manage the workers for him.  A member of the Believers and did not raise any objections to sacrificing Gaelkur. 
"By endeavoring to please everyone he pleased no one, and lost his ass in the bargain." - Aesop's Fables, 'The Miller, His Son, and His Ass'.  500 BCE

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