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Noob friendly campaign for UK critters
I'm hoping to start a campaign for players new to DnD/RPGs in general (though experienced players are welcome too) in the month or so. I'll be running it exclusively for UK critters, and while I'm fairly flexible with time it will probably run at least once a fortnight (possibly weekly) on weekday evenings. We'll be playing online on Roll20 (

I'm relatively new to playing 5e, though I have a good grasp of the game and a fair bit of DMing experience outside of it. This will be my first ongoing campaign for DnD, though I have done a couple of one shots for 5e, and created my own RPG several years ago in which I ran 2 campaigns which both lasted for over 2 years. The campaign I have in mind takes inspiration from a number of sources and will be set in a homebrew world that I've stolen from an old campaign. Ideally, my games run with a balance of roleplay, story and combat. I'm not one for getting too bogged down in rules, and in general I will lean towards allowing my players to do something that's clever, funny or badass over knocking it back because of something in the rulebook. I'm happy to allow anything from the players handbook, the elemental evil supplement or any of Matt Mercer's homebrew stuff into my campaign, but not really anything else outside of that.

For those wanting to play, if you could let me know a bit about yourself, what experience you have with DnD or RPGs, what sort of class/race you'd like to play (this can be as specific or as general as you like - eg. a dragonborn wizard, or any magic user, or a melee class half-orc), and what times you would be available to play. I'd prefer that characters get made during the first session that we meet (so we can establish any prior relationships the group might have as part of character creation) and that all players have at least their own copy of the Players Handbook and a set of dice (sometimes I'll ask for a roll to be made in private, and this is the easiest way to do it)

I'm looking for around 4-6 players, preferably as mixed a group as possible and I'm hoping to start as soon as possible. If you want to join the campaign but are having issues with this forum (I've been having issues with email addresses) then you can also email me the above information at

Edit - Made a couple changes relating to timing, since I think I may have been overly optimistic about how quickly it might start. Also forgot to add a rough outline of the campaign setting and how it's going to begin, so you can read that below.

The area of the world the campaign starts in will be geographically similar to Europe, in terms of the climate and size etc. The continent of Wessys is governed by the combined rule of several city states, each of which rules the lands surrounding relatively serenely.

The campaign is going to begin with the party coming together at the request of an elder known as Gerrar, who knows each of the party either by reputation or by personal experience. An incident has occurred at a fortification not far from his town and he has been asked to send aid. The location is controlled and manned by a group known as the Tempered Ascension - a group known throughout the continent for ensuring the safety of it's borders, for helping ensure the safety of it's people, and for being the first line of defence against any natural or unwanted magical phenomenon.

If there's anything else you want to know about the setting or campaign, ask here or via email and I'll try to get back to you asap.
Hey Skooshtastic,
I have around 8 years RPG experience but only D&D experience this past year, I have been a part of 2 long term games which I no long play in due to time restrains or a group disbanding. I have also been a part of a old school dungeon crawler which took place over a few weeks. I have a few character ideas, A few different Fighter variations (PHB) and a Dwarf Barbarian which I have play experience with, but I also have an idea for a Warlock I might want to try just for something different, I like the idea of talking to the group to help decide. Time wise I am pretty flexible other than a Wednesday night and Sunday mid-day.
Hi Skooshtastic, I would be interested in joining on roll20 I have been role-playing since I was 16 (about 30 years off and on). I have a few idea for characters but i mainly in DnD enjoy the rogue or ranger class, as for time I'm free most nights and Sundays.
Party's filled and ready to go, but there's still space for one more player if anyone is interested. Just email the address in the original post and let me know, cause I've been having a few issues with the site.

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