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Villain NPC Vault
I'm sure almost every DM has had that same moment of inspiration when creating a suitably nasty piece of work for their players to confound and destroy. As you jot ideas down on a piece of paper this one concept pops into your mind, and suddenly your furiously writing while an involuntary evil laugh slips out. Ok maybe that's just me, but in any case I thought a place to share dastardly villains would not go amiss.

If everyone could use the following format it would help keep things neat and tidy, and if I've missed something important please let me know and I'll edit it.
Thank you


Appearance: (Either a short description, or a few key words.)
Personality: (")
Backstory: (Under two paragraphs)
Goals: (")
Weapons/Items: (Only things unique to the NPC)
Other: (include any unique traits/feats or abilities here)
I realise the onus should be on me to start this off, so hear goes.

Name: Osnestra
Race: Human (female)
Class/Level: Oathbreaker Paladin/16
Age: 22
Alignment: CE

Appearance: Stern unsmiling face with sharp features. Medium length blonde hair. 5'3. Her armour is made of holy symbols, which she wears a hooded cloak over.

Personality: Cold and indifferent normally, becomes excited and psychotic when fighting a cleric or paladin.

Backstory: Separated from her comrades during a quest for her order, she was left to the enemy. Seemingly abandoned by her deity and comrades, she fostered a hatred for them during her captivity. Eventually escaping, she now hunts those who serve the uncaring gods.

Goals: To destroy her former order most of all. The eradication of all those who serve the gods, selfish hypocrites in her opinion.

Weapons/Items: The armour made of holy symbols radiates an aura of hate. +3 Armour (CE alignment only) immune to radiant damage.

Other: She has advantage on all attacks against clerics or paladins.

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