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The Achemist-Gunslinger
Hallo people! I'm DM in a custom setting where the Alchemist Guild is a big organization, has discovered a lot in the field of chemistry, eventually inventing gunpowder. I've found on DM Guild this custom made class: The Alchemist! Writing

I've would like to ask you, if I could use the Gunslinger Archetype created by Matt Mercer originally for the Fighter, but as an achetype for the Alchemist! (p.s. Do you think I could play a Rogue withe the Gunslinger Archetype too?)

Thank you for your answers! Thank You
Well, multi-classing is always an option.

Some modifications would have to be made, but personally, i wouldn't see why that couldn't be a thing. Probably wouldn't be the easiest thing, and lots of modifications in game are probable. But it should be possible.

The easiest way to go about that, is multi-classing, though.
I would imagine you could make a gunslinging Alchemist, but it wouldn't be as effective as the Gunslinger archetype. The reason being, it's two separate specializations. The Gunslinger archetype for Fighter is a person who has focused their life into the pursuit of shooting things really well. It's fairly narrow, but extremely efficient in what it want's to do.

Alchemists put that same amount of time into brewing potions and alchemical formulae, thus while they could train to use a gun, it wouldn't be as good as the person who has literally spent their entire life doing it.

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