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Gran Terra Adventures
Hello all, we just started this 8 man campaign filled to the brim with fellow critters and are releasing it as an Actual Play for you all to consume.

The first episode had some audio interference that I did my best to cut out, and was far below our standard audio quality, but it'll improve with the next episode. I'll be publishing these episodes every Monday, so if you're interested in listening you can follow the feed.

Episode 1 can be found on iTunes if you search for the Final Show Films podcast feed, or at

I am GMing, and CWSensation, CriticalCookies, CryomancerMaurice, wntmJack, Another_Pale_Gamer, and a few people that aren't on the board are all playing in the game.

We've got a very interesting cast of people, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Again, I apologize for the audio quality of the first episode, episode 2 will be better.

The first Episode revolves around this disparate group of 8 people from all over the world coming together in the small town of Caister, each for their own reasons. They are brought together quickly as the town comes under attack by a orc and goblin raiding party, who kidnap several of the townspeople and flee the city.
Episode 2 is now out - and is actually representative of the quality of podcast I normally want to put out. A recap of episode 1 is included for those who just couldn't listen to the first one.
Episode 3 is now out - And at least one member of the party gets stabbed by a goblin!
Episode 4 is now out - In which the party travels some sewers, and fights to free a Kingdom!
Episode 5 is now out - in which we have some audio problems, but free a Kingdom and run for aid! - Also, it's the episode where I lose count because I apparently can't count to 5.
Episode 6 is now out - We'll eventually get this whole 'audio balance' thing right.
Episode 7 is now out - In which we delve into some dungeons!
Episode 8 is now out - in which we discover the Dragonborn is afraid of water, and the dice try to kill the party.
Episode 9 - In which we overcome a fear of water, only to run into other fears.
Episode 10 - In which we face a Boss, and almost die.

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