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New PST Game LFP/DM!
Hey guys! A bunch of us Twitter Critters have been talking about getting a game started. We have four people on board so far and are looking for at least one or two more. Our proposed game time is on Friday afternoon/evening. Currently the DM chair is still open (although several members are willing to step in should that be needed) and we'd love to hear if anyone else is interested!

Being in the first stages of planning means that a setting hasn't been locked down yet, so any thoughts/suggestions from potential players or DMs are welcome! You can contact me on Twitter (@altf4gamers) or just post below.
Edit: Realized this is in the 'online' section...

Depending on the time frame I may be interested in DMing for you guys, hit me up on twitter - @johnabates
I'd be interested as a player, I'm too scared of the dm seat xD
Cool! Senstaku is going to be our DM, so no worries there. Do you have a character concept in mind?
Yay more players! Grinning
(02-29-2016, 11:06 PM)wntmjack Wrote: Cool! Senstaku is going to be our DM, so no worries there. Do you have a character concept in mind?

Not at the moment; I have ideas, but I need to know of any restrictions they'll be before I have something concrete.
No restrictions as of yet -- all your basic stuff is allowed, as well as most homebrew. Are you on Twitter? I can add you into our message stream over there if you like.
The world I've built has room for many things, including both the Blood Hunter and Gunslinger homebrew classes, all of the Unearthed Arcana stuff that has been released, and almost anything else really - so long as I get the chance to look over it and see first.
Is there only one article for the Unearthed Arcana released recently? I'm at . I'll probably play a cleric or a druid; what race I don't know but my first choice would be cleric.
There are many unearthed arcana to peruse. You can find them by going here: and Narrow By: Unearthed Arcana

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