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LFG- Euro Time zones D&D
Hello there!
My name is Kurai, i'm 26 and I live in the Netherlands. Yup, I totally made two threads in both the timezone forums, because it doesn't much matter to me. In the weekends I tend to live by American times (Night owl) And during the normal weekdays I'll be sticking to euro. So this thread is made to find myself a group for those Euro fans out there!

I am so new to D&D it hurts my soul~! I've never played before, but thanks to Critical Role I need to satiate this hunger for it. So, anyone willing to take me into their online group, bless you!

I don't mind which version we play, and have no problem with teamspeak, roll20 etc etc.
just letting you all know I'd be interested in a Europe time friendly campaign. I'm really new to DnD but I've been reading a bit on the game and flew through all of CR. So if there's a noob friendly campaign please give me a message.
I'm in the night owl category. i'm down for a game.

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