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Magic the Gathering
I was just curious if any others played?
Only the game I obtained through Steam. Used to do the cards like 15 years ago.
It's a bit of a money sink, but a very technically rewarding game. I've been playing for around 4 years and have managed to win a few local tournaments. I'm just glad I've found a hobby that's so much cheaper now. You can fully kit yourself up to play DnD (a one off investment) for the same price as keeping up with tournament magic for 3 months!
What do my fellow mtg players think of the new Innistrad set? Seems really well balanced and has great flavour, I'm looking forward to drafting a box with my friends. Anyone pull anything good so far?
I like playing when I have time, SoI looks like a lot of fun - I've been watching LoadingReadyRun play it on twitch and it definitely seems like a set I'd like to play if I had the time.

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