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D&D 5E Campaign LFM _* Closed*
Hello there friends!

I am currently running a campaign that is on hold as we look to find a few more people (2-3) We play wed evenings 730 EST till about 10:30 pm EST each week.  If you are looking for a game please reply to this thread.  I will be taking a little bit of time to go through various apps on various sites to make sure we find the right blend of people as our first go around the group didnt quite mesh. I try to run the game with a good mix of RP and combat but leaning a bit more towards the RP. So if you are looking for a hack slash this might not be the game for you.  

Fill out the app 

Your Name
Character Class looking to play
Do you have a backstory in mind?
RP experience
are you avail wed nights?

Upon going over apps and speaking with each person I will be asking about your backstory and going into detail about the campaign and then make a deciciion.

I look forward to talking to you all. 

Feel free to contact me on twitter - @IG_Counterbob

Thanks folks!

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