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Battle/Encounter Maps
Hey everyone. Just trying to see if there is any interest out in the critterverse for battlemaps. I usually make my own from scratch, and have received many compliments on them. Do you have issues finding battlemaps that fit the encounter you are trying to build? Have you tried making some and they just don't look right? Do you have this situation completely under control? Again just looking to see some outside perspective on this topic and if there is any interest.
~Mental - DM
I would say there is definitely a market for more. I went looking for maps for the game I just ran, and felt like I had to fit my encounter and planning around the maps that I was able to find instead of the other way around.

To further the discussion, are you thinking of doing them on a commission basis? Customized for the campaign/DM? Have you thought about a fee structure for the work?

I've said it on Twitter, and will here again, the maps I have seen of yours are awesome, and of course fit your narration and game so well.
Right now I am just trying to gauge an interest level for them. If there's little to no interest I will continue making maps for my own personal use. If one or two people are looking for a specific custom map I might be interested in helping out with possible commission work. If there is a large group of people interested in this I would definitely entertain commissions and maybe a few other options. In the meantime I am just trying to see if there is even a market.

For those interested here is a WIP map I posted on twitter.
~Mental - DM

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