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Adventure of Krug
So I have started playing in my first ever campaign on Roll20 and so far its been a blast! Thought I'd post this up to show off the hijinks Krug my Half-Orc Sorcerer gets into:

1.) After his party finds an abandoned house, when Krug tries to crawl in the entrance he becomes stuck in the hole and blocks everyone in
2.) After sensing a magic door, Krug tries to dispell it and ends up blasting apart the floor around it
3.) Since Krug is an amnesiac he has no idea who he is or who his parents are (as such whenever he sees an older man of any race his first question is to ask them if they are his dad)
4.) After finding a clue to his identity, Krug questions an Orcish bartender for information but fails his Intimidate roll so badly he is then headbutted
5.) Thanks to their blossoming friendship, Krug let another player jump on his shoulders as they ran around the small burning village shooting spell after spell at any zombie they found

I... LOVE.... this game

Bad Chilii
Critter, Nerd, Sworn Enemy of Nightbot
More antics of Krug:

-After dealing with a tree that can unlock memories, Krug found that there was a Lightning Elemental bound into his mind
-Later, Krug and the party performed a ritual where the elemental was expelled from his body in an... "interesting" way
-Pooped out an egg that hatched revealing the lightning elemental in the form of a storm crow (nicknamed Zap)
-Jumped into the middle of 4 raptors and blasted them away with Thunderwave
-Saw a giant T-Rex coming and NOPED so hard he might still be running
-Scooby-Doo'd into the arms of the party's 40lb Gnome and almost crushed him
Bad Chilii
Critter, Nerd, Sworn Enemy of Nightbot
Love this, there's such flavour in a half-orc sorcerer. It sounds like you have one crazy DM, the campaign must be great fun to play.

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