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Why the Worship of Lolth is Unhealthy
Let this be a cautionary tale to anyone playing a wonderful Drow character.
It all started during "Session 0" a bright eyed young adult male looking through the PHB for a good Rogue race. Naturally he sees drow and goes "Well damn, here we go" and such was the birth of Keyleth Liadon. Keyleth being a drow worhips her patron goddess Lolth, Queen of Spiders.

The Campaign consists of being mercs hired to guard a boat while it travels to a strange continent. While on the boat the party regularly encounters Sea Orcs. After a particularly messy battle in which Keyleth is gravely wounded she decides to pray to Lolth. Critically failing her religion roll, she feels a slight itch in her right arm.

The party runs aground a rocky shore and the see a cave. 3/7 characters go to explore the cave. The rest stay with the ship, Keyleth being one of them. She climbs up into the rigging and begins to dose off. Suddenly her arm starts hurting and she notices spiders crawling on her. Then out of nowhere her arm explodes( literally) into a spider swarm and she falls to the deck, dead on impact, screams of pleasure and laughter as she falls. Spiders start swarming the whole ship. The crew start freaking out. Our other rogue starts a fire hoping to kill all the spiders. Our bard is asleep, and our Fighter can't hit anything. Eventually both the other Rogue and the Fighter critically fail rolls and fall into the fire. The bard never wakes up and spiders are still swarming the ship. The ship goes up in flames and the whole crew and the 3 other PC's on the ship die as well.
TL;DR : Lolth worship is bad for your campaign

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