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Archetype Gaming D&D
Hi Adam,

So I heard that you had your season finale last week, which I missed.  I heard it was REALLY good.  Do you know when the your youtube channel will be up to date?
Hi Lady Graceful,
I play Strith in our campaign. I'm glad you've been enjoying it, it has been a blast to play this campaign. We're hoping to have the season finale up by the end of the week.

Sorry this took so long guys. The final episodes are up on youtube on the playlist. Enjoy...
Hello everyone,

The finale of season 3 is posted. Enjoy!

Session 10:
Session 11:
Session 12:
We are returning for season 4 on Monday, November 7th at 8:30pm central time.

Everyone is welcome to interact with chat, and join in on the insanity!
These boards have been pretty quiet, but last week was quiet wonderful!  You gentlemen should feel proud of yourselves for doing what you did for such a good cause!

It is also really cool being able to influence some of the happenings in the game. Speaking of which, do I message webadatgames for the items?
Awesome, I will let Q know.
We will be returning on Jan 2nd, 2017 after that insane cliffhanger!
The latest episodes have been really good guys!  Keep it up!

Where does the DM keep his donation button on twitch?

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