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Archetype Gaming D&D
(02-13-2016, 02:17 PM)Lady Graceful Wrote:
(02-13-2016, 02:09 AM)Adam Owczarek Wrote: It took much longer than we expected, but Session 3 is up on youtube.     

Session 3:

Q also put a playlist together for your convenience!  It is also added to the original post of this thread.



Yall did a great job having two out because of that sports bowl thing.

Thanks Lady Graceful.
Last year we hit a little road bump on superbowl gameday, as our scheduled session also landed on gameday.  Unfortunately, we only had 2 players that were able to join, but Adam (Ao Prior) graciously volunteered to join our campaign.  The same happened this year, but this time it went much more smoothly.  We had better communication and were able to keep trucking through for what I would consider a successful night of fun.

We are taking tonight off due to Valentine's Day so everyone can be with their loved ones, but we should be back next week with the full team for all of our usual shenanigans.
After a bit of a delay due to being off for Valentines Day and myself being very sick the whole following week, session 4 and ready to watch.

Session 4:

Session 5 will hopefully be editing and uploaded by the weekend.

Lastly, our next live session, will be starting 30 minutes earlier at 8:30p CST on Sunday 03/06/2016 on:

I hope you see you in chat!
Yay!  It is so good to see new sessions. It was wonderful that you got the whole group together.

Is the youtube behind?
(03-08-2016, 12:42 AM)Lady Graceful Wrote: Yay!  It is so good to see new sessions. It was wonderful that you got the whole group together.

Is the youtube behind?

Hi Lady Graceful, thanks for watching and we are all glad you enjoy the story thus far!

Yes the yt is behind because our friend who does the editing has had some serious matters come up.  Hopefully within a week to 10 days, we will have session 5-7 all up for everyone's viewing pleasure.

It is really rough not being able to share our story with everyone who cannot make it live at 8:30p CST, and I am very sorry.

Session 5 is finally up for your enjoyment.

Session 5:

Please let us know what you think.
It is nice to finally see an update on the youtube channel.

I have lurked multiple Sunday nights in the twitch channel while the session had been going, and it is really fun.

Spoiler from Chapter 5 - The guys have gotten a lot better at being their characters.  I do have to critique them and say that the whole card part in this episode was bad.  The way the monk and rogue reacted did not make sense at all.  Also, everyone involved, minus the cleric, where so meta about the deck, that it ruined the immersion and storytelling.

I might be in chat this coming Sunday.
I tried posting earlier and it said never showed up.

What I was saying is that I enjoy the show, and I have lurked a few Sundays during the life sessions.

Spoilers -

The part with the cards was really bad.  Everyone involved (but the absent Prior) where awfully meta.  It absolutely ruined the story.  How could you not panic when your friend lets out a soul tearing scream, literally, and just sit there and watch.
Yay, my account is registered again and I can post!

I have really enjoyed the story you gentlemen are putting forth. Session 8 & 9 (the last two) where incredible. You can see the group is getting more and more into character easy weekend.

For those who have not had a chance to watch this stream, I highly recommend it, and their youtube uploads make it very easy to catch up.  It also is not nearly as intimidating as getting into Critical Role (as incredibly amazingly wonderful as the show is) as the playlist is 6 sessions and not 45+.

Also, for those who do not watch, they are missing out on the hilarious friendship (bromance) between Prior the Cleric and Alafa the Warlock.
@Trade Prince, thank you for your honesty and I honestly hate the fact we have what you are talking about in out possession.

@Lady Graceful, we are all very happy you enjoy the show. Whenever you do visit the channel, please say something so we at least know you are around.

Sessions 7 and 8 have been up, but I had been busy and failed to share them with everyone. Please check them out!

Session 7:
Session 8:
More youtube uploads. I hope you enjoy. Please let us know what you think.

Session 9:
Session 10:

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