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Archetype Gaming D&D
Welcome to Heroes of New Thundertree (5e and Homebrew)!

Session 1:
Session 2 part 1:
Session 2 part 2:
Session 3:
Session 4:
Session 5:
Session 6:
Session 7:
Session 8:
Session 9:
Session 10:
Session 11:
Session 12:

Come join us and our wonderful Archetype Gaming community starting January 24, 2016 at 8:30p CST, and every following Sunday at the same time on

I hope we can help scratch that Critical Role itch. #isitthursdayyet

After we get the ball rolling, we will likely be opening up stream for our favorite charity:

Story: We pick up 2 months after liberating the lands near Thundertree from the clutches of the Dark Guardian, a green dragon in disguise. The surrounding denizens, displaced by the harshness of the times, have begun to migrate to the recently established village of New Thundertree to begin a new life. Our intrepid adventures now must protect these lands and the growing populous.

Alafo Eshiro: “Dark” Elf Warlock of Whispers
Ao Prior: Aasimar Cleric of Life
Girgintius Smithson: Human Battle Master
Palna Koz: Half-Elf Arcane Trickster
Strith: Bronze Dragonborn Elemental Monk

We will be working on creating an Archetype Gaming Roleplay channel on Youtube in the near future.

Thank you mskimmyd for letting me share this with all of yall.
S3E1: 01/24/2016
after catching up & back story:::

First session completed and the vod is available from the link above.

Let us know what you think!

-Adam "Ao Prior"
I watched before you provided the time stamped link, but thank you for sharing it.

If I cannot watch the livestream, then I will absolutely watch the youtube recording. I would recommend others to give you guys a try.

I must ask, as you do not reveal any of the character stats, does the Girg character have low intelligence or charisma? I ask because he was very awkward.
He has 6 intelligence and 13 charisma.
(01-27-2016, 08:40 PM)Andre Wrote: ... does the Girg character have low intelligence or charisma? I ask because he was very awkward.

We do not really know each others stat blocks, but I do think Girgintius sits around 10s - 12s in Int and Cha.
Session 2 is now up on WeBadAtGames youtube channel.  To check it out live on Sundays at 9p CST on

We were short one Alafa for the evening, unfortunately.

S3E2: 01/31/2016
Part 1:
Part 2:

I hope you enjoy!  If you do, please like it and share.


-Adam "Ao Prior"
The second session was great! It is all the more fun watching live because of the interaction with chat. I am very happy to have Critical Role on Thursdays and now Heroes of New Thundetree on Sundays.
(02-13-2016, 02:09 AM)Adam Owczarek Wrote: It took much longer than we expected, but Session 3 is up on youtube.     

Session 3:

Q also put a playlist together for your convenience!  It is also added to the original post of this thread.



Yall did a great job having two out because of that sports bowl thing.
I hope you guys/gals are enjoying the show so far, and thanks to everyone who comes into the twitch stream to watch us live. Please feel free to drop us a line in here and let us know how we're doing.

We have a few members on the team that are fairly new to D&D, though this series hit its 1 year anniversary a few months ago. I play Strith the dragonborn monk, and this is the second D&D game I have played. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve myself, so if you have any critiquing you'd like to share, I'm sure it would be welcomed.

I absolutely enjoy being immersed as a elemental monk, having the power in your fists as well as bringing the elements together to make for a unique experience. I have to admit though, one of the challenges that I've been trying to improve on has been properly communicating to the team and the twitch stream what exactly Strith is doing, whether it's in combat or otherwise. Sometimes what I am playing out in my head gets lost in translation as I try and describe it. Often times after a D&D session, I find myself thinking, "oh I could have done this so much better by saying X/Y/Z instead..."

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