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Player LFG this SUMMER O.o
I know this is VERY early to post such a request, but I'm hoping that the time frame allows people to fit me into their full campaign for a couple months or save a spot for me. I'll post when I'm looking to join and then give a little background, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Dates: May 23 through July 22.
Time: Daytime Eastern Time only, approximately 8 AM - 4 PM availability. 
Characters: Willing to play anything. Experienced in playing rogues and clerics. Wanting to play dual axe-wielding fighter, air/tempest cleric, or skald-like bard. 
Who am I? I'm a 40-year old teacher with 2 young children. Experienced playing D&D from years back (2nd edition? THAC0!), experienced DMing 5th edition (no I don't want to DM Winking  )

Also searching for a one-shot or two-shot or two one-shots during my spring break, March 21-25. 

Thanks and feel free to stop reading here! Contact me via this thread or e-mail for a more private conversation at 

Like I said, I have two very young children and haven't been able to recruit them yet. I'm also a long way from where I grew up and lack the local friends/network to play. Even if I had the network to play, I won't leave my kids home with my understanding wife for several hours while I go play with my friends. This also explains the times I'm willing to play. I can't play during the evening because I'm won't leave my family for the computer, nor would I want to do that to a group. (Great, there goes the cleric again!)

Being a teacher, I've created a successful and growing Tabletop/D&D Club at my high school, of which I'm the DM. That's kind of the issue. Here I've got the D&D bug and have an outlet for it, but being the DM has only marginally satisfied my hankering. I was never really that into DMing, though I've thrown myself in head-first for the sake of my students. 

Please let me know about your group if you're willing to take me on. European games are welcome due to the time frame, and I plan on reposting this over there.

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