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I have never played before, would love to be intergraded in this different style of gaming.
I'm actually more interested in the rpg point of the game since I really like to hear stories.

Character name: Tnek Ronnoc
Race: Half Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Background: Raised by Martha my mother until the age of 5. One night after she tucked me to sleep, I was awoken by a loud bang on the floor, I went to check it out and found my mother on the floor bleeding and a white goldish mist. Following day an Elvin priest Hashan Kal-el took interest in me and escorted me to the TEMPLE OF KORD where for 15 years I stayed until I was old enough to make my own decisions. On my twentieth birthday Hashan Kal-el took me to the roof of the temple and told me a story about himself, his wife, and his son. He told me that two centuries ago he, his wife and his new born child were in terrible times no food, no money, and were about to become homeless. Till one day he decided to do an unthinkable and made a pack with a Black Dragon. He asked for riches in exchange the Dragon wanted his child, and with no hesitation he agreed. The next day he took his wife and child without telling them where they were heading, and the Black Dragon appeared telling Hashan to hand over the child. As he does, the wife is confused and then immediately angry but did not react in time when the child was thrown to the Dragon and the deal was done. For a couple of day the child was with the Dragon, and the mother FURIOUS with Hashan, and leaves him. 2 years later the Black Dragon returned to Hashan and returned the child who was now covered in symbols and said "Here is your child, those markings will go away soon and will forever carry my blood with him." Hashan could not keep the child since he just joined the Temple Of Kord so he went to seek out the mother.  He then goes on and says, "This child of my that I cursed with out even given it a second thought was you Tnek Ronnoc as Martha was my wife.
       Out of great shock I looked at him with great fury and confusion that some type of acid was producing on my palms. Then he goes and says, "That night that your mother died was by no assassin, but by you. While you were asleep you casted a spell and it killed your mother." "NOOO!" I screamed "This Dragon where is he, WHERE CAN I FIND HIM?!" He said he doesn't know, so with the fury I had I clamped with my acid covered hands over his head and killed him. Now I'm on the search for this Dragon for making me kill my mother.
Hi there! Since this is the "In Person" forum, it would be beneficial for you to post where you live/the area where you are looking to find a group! Smiling

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