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Critical Role One Shot - D&D 5e
Hello everyone.  So I am looking to run a one-shot D&D 5e game.  This will be my first time DMing, but have been working on this one for over a month now, so hopefully can make it interesting for everyone.

You and your party find yourselves in Emon, the capital city of Tal’dorie for the Centennial Festival.  A grand celebration all across the land but none greater than in Emon.  The celebration goes on for weeks and include feats of strength, displays of fighting, story telling, song and dance. The tavern’s and inns are over run with visitors wishing to join the celebration.  This celebration is even more joyous after the town has been rebuilt following the horrifying attack by several dragons almost 25 years ago.  It took a long time for the city to recover, but it has been restored to its previous glory.  A special tribute is to be paid to the great heroes of Vox Machina during the celebration.

Character Creation:
Players will be at level 7 for this session.

All standard races and classes from the PHB good.  For this one shot and being my first time DMing I want to keep it simple for that.

Date: February 5th, 8pm EST

Preferred night of the week:
Experience with 5e:
Preferred Race:
Preferred Class:
Brief backstory concept/Why is your character in Emon (this will be finalized as a group as you will be an established adventuring party for this game)

Feel free to PM me your application or just put it here on the forum.  I am going to keep the applications to here on Critters RPG as this game is really meant for Critters.  I have some, what I think, neat little bits for fans of CR in the game.
Sounds like an interesting idea - you should consider recording the session and uploading it YouTube and linking here for us all to watch (provided the players are okay with it) Smiling
NameGrinningoug (Duke Kireej)
Preferred night of the week:Friday works fine for me.
Experience with 5e: I've looked at a character sheet for it (Highly experienced with 3.5 and adaptable)
Preferred Race:I would like to try out a Gnome...
Preferred Class:... bard. They seem like they would be really entertaining to play as
As for back story, I would prefer to think of that a little more, but as a bard, it would be something along the lines of traveling far and wide to spread his name and (thinking about it a little more) probably taking stories from other people and making it seem like it was him that did them. The reason hes in Emon is because he was looking to meet Vox Machina to possibly steal their stories from a first person account.

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