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If you could travel with Vox Machina...
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but not sure where else to put it.

If you were invited to be the next guest player on Critical Role, what would your character be? How do they meet Vox Machina? What adventure would they have with them?
I'd probably let Matt pick the adventure we'd be having. Tongue Out I'd love to have my character be my Yuan-ti bard, but I don't know if Matt would let me run with a custom race, haha. As to how they meet - I dunno. Probably performing with the circus somewhere. Smiling
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Halfling Monk. Sent there by Pike after meeting her in the temple in Vasselheim she is there to rebuild. After bantering with Scanlan, seek assistance with some mysterious 'shadows' that have been pursuing him.

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