Poll: Who is your favourite guest/honourary member of Vox Machina?
Lady Kima
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Favourite Guest Member
We have a poll for people's favourite member of Vox Machina, so I thought it'd be interesting to have one for the guest/honourary members the party has had during their travels
I went for Lillith, but I'll admit that it's mostly because of how enthusiastically Kit has continued to be Lillith on twitter / via gifts after her departure. They were all really excellent for their own reasons, and I'd be delighted to see any of them back.

Except Clarota. Fucker.
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I loved Lyra. Her character was so quirkily annoying it was great.
In Clarota's defence, it's debatable whether he turned on them on his own volition; personally I think he was mind raped into turning on them (remember the helmet doesn't offer perfect 100% protection, and the other Mind Flayers would probably have gone for more subtle means to make him turn than full on psychic attacks). I'm sure he would have turned his back on Vox Machina, but I think under different circumstances he would have just parted ways with them rather than attacking.

And even if he freely chose to turn, to be fair he'd spent most of his life connected to the elder brain - that's a connection that none of us can fully identify with, so given the choice of returning to the fold, it shouldn't be surprising that he sided with his kin over his new kith (plus he'd only known VM for less than a week and Kima was openly hostile towards him and he probably thought I'd it came down to it they'd side with her over him).

Anyway, being the only one who's dead (that we know of) makes him returning a moot point...probably...well maybe...
I mean, I know that it was due to the influence of the Elder Brain, but he really should have been able to see that one coming. In fact, he probably did, and just didn't give a shit. >_>
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Probably less that he didn't give a shit and more that he hadn't traveled with Vox Machina long enough to have formed a strong enough bond with them to override his crippling yearning to be reunited with his people. Even if he'd traveled with them longer, he might still have thought that he could have convinced his people to let them go unmolested.
I went with Lillith for the same reasons as Quadz, but Thorbir is my runner-up. Why? Because watching Wil roll 1 after 1 while the rest of the group grew increasingly incredulous at his curse was HILARIOUS.

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