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Meet & Greet!
Hi all,

Been a Critter for a while but only just made it onto here! Hoping to get involved in the community a bit more!
Hey all Im Conley! Ive just only gotten into the realm of D&D for only a month or two and its become kind of an addiction. I am in a campaign with a few of my friends but sadly due to time scheduling we have to slow down and probably wont meet as often. I would love to join a new campaign and play with new people!

I love to meet new people so come say hi!  Blush
Hello everyone,

I'm Bart (better known across social media as The Great Gazebo) and I've been roleplaying and storytelling for almost 25 years now. While D&D was always a bit scorned by my usual rp-crowd, Critical Role has me joining 'the dark side' and I will be starting my first D&D(5e) campaign ever next week.

“Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.”

― H.P. Lovecraft[url=][/url]
Hi everyone!

UncleOok, from Twitter & Twitch, reporting in. I thought I had an account but none of my e-mail addresses popped as being found so my mistake.

Just a simple Critter from Buffalo NY in awe of the cast, crew & my fellow Critters

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