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Meet & Greet!
Hey there! Found the site via the twitch stream - new to the RPG world, thanks entirely to Critical Role and Titansgrave. Am now playing one Roll20 campaign and an in-person campaign, both using 3.5e. Can't wait to play more, and once I've got some more playing experience under my belt, would love to give DMing a shot!

Hi! So, I found out about Critical Role... I don't really know how, it appeared as a suggestion on Youtube :p.

Ive played D&D for some time now, but now that I have a job, it's harder and harder to find a spot that me and my friends can play. I dunno if I'll get into a game any time soon (I'll probably lurk a bit), but I definitely do want to Smiling. Also, the series has kind of rekindled some hobbies I've lost with time, such as drawing.
For the Omnisiah!.
Hello everyone I'm Jonn found Critical Role then it's fan base while avoiding university work.
I'm a full student and GM for a long running pathfinder session, I also play dark heresy and rouge trader. I'm looking forward to learning to play D&D.
Hey there every one.

My names Robert, online I just go by Mental, I do some design work for the site. Quite a few years of design, photography, and other related stuff under my belt. I mostly find myself as DM. Currently running one long term campaign and a slew of intro campaigns for new players. Always on the lookout for new players, ideas, and good campaign tools.
Well I'm very new, like haven't even done a picture yet but here I am. I'm Destry, I'm very new to D&D but I did start a week before watching my first episode. I'm currently participating at Dragon's Keep (Provo) on their D&D nights with my Tiefling Ranger Thymus Nightbreeze... and after that I'm also building a campaign of my own to run and oh boy that's, fun. Also just found out about Roll20 so I'm checking that out after this post. So hi, I'm Destry and I play D&D.
Hello everyone!

My name is Total Deletion or Total for short. I am 25 yrs old MALE and live in Washington State. Been watching Critical Role since about episode 8(?) and I've been hooked from the start.

Never played a game of D&D in my life. Made a few attempts when I was a teenager...but you know...attention span =P I have been a long time gamer (8 going on 9 years of World of Warcraft) so I am all that is nerd. Currently learning to play some D&D with an IRL buddy who is also learning to DM. Still getting the hang of starting out a new character and I'm already having a blast. I have a full backstory for my Tiefling Paladin and have not even started really playing yet =D

Very excited to join this community and help it grow in anyway I can! You can usually follow me on twitter @totaldeletion. Again, I'm a huge gamer, and I definitely keep things on social media as positive as possible. #LessThenThree

Hope to join in on some noob friendly campaigns and meet some amazing friends! =D
Hmmm, how do I want to do this? My name is Laurence, I'm a UK critter and I've just started my first DnD campaign with some friends. After watching the first 17 episodes in about two weeks I decided to buy the 5th edition starter set and so far it's working well. A big thanks to what has surely got to be the best internet community in history!
Hey everyone!

I'm Dacey. Great to meet you all! I'm from the Pacific Northwest in the US and I love storytelling. I'm excited about looking into all of the community and seeing what fun I can get roped into.

I also dabble in art when I can find a spare moment so you might see some fan art as I start to carve out time for that - I'm a bit of a perfectionist so sometimes it takes awhile for something to find its way to other eyes than my own.

Can't wait to have fun!
I can't believe i'm just now finding this! Hi Critters!
I'm Angel aka Angelmitsu in twitch chat, some of you might know me from there. I'm a mod for Geekandsundry twitch channel.  Although GeekandSundry twitch chat is complete chaos during live streams of Critical Role, i'm one of many people that try to keep the chat classy. (we do try)
I'm also usually pretty active on twitter spreading around things in regards to G&S twitch channel as a whole. So if you see me in chat or follow me on twitter don't be afraid to say Hello!
Honestly, as much as i absolutely love Critical Role i haven't played DnD in 20 years and after being witness to the genius that is Matt Mercers DM'ing I'd expect to much from any other DM. So for now i'm happy to sit on the sidelines and watch the show i love.
Hello everybody,

I'm Jeremy aka Thror Thunderfist,
I've been interested in role playing games(mainly pc and console) since my youth and only got introduced to D&D 3 years ago. I enjoy role playing. For instance my last campaign I role played a dwarf paladin.
I've played 3.5 4th edition and 5th edition. I would also be interested in pathfinder.
Before watching critical role, I watched acquisitions INC as well as some other celebrity games. I also dabbled in some podcasts. I am interested in trying to find a campaign to join.
Thanks much
Here is my roll 20 profile

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