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Meet & Greet!
Hello to everyone.  I'm Mark and am actually newish it D&D.  Had friends back in high school that played (I believe AD&D 2e) and I built a character and played a couple of times but never really got going with it.  I got hooked on Titansgrave and then started watching CR and and really wanting to start playing.  Hoping to find an online game to start and get my feet wet.
I'm Patrick the falsest of Aesops. I'm a book binder by trade. Been gaming for seriously for 16 odd years now. I like to both play and DM. Things took a lull the last few years as my real life gaming group drifted apart, but Table Top, a few podcasts, and Critical Role brought me back into the hobby.

I quite look forward to being a part of this community.
"By endeavoring to please everyone he pleased no one, and lost his ass in the bargain." - Aesop's Fables, 'The Miller, His Son, and His Ass'.  500 BCE
Hi Smiling

I've been around the place on twitter and stuff, but thought I'd join up and say hello
My name is Scott. Scottislate on Twitch. If you see me on there feel free to say hi. I've been gaming since 2003, but I've rarely found a steady game. New to 5e, but it's nice and streamlined compared to 3.5 and D20 Modern. I live on the East Coast of the US. Hoping to get a game together, joining or running.
Hope to see you all around.
Hi guys! your friendly neighbourhood Grim here, Ive played dnd a few years ago with some friends in 3e and even the dragon age RPG, 
so looking forward to meeting new critters and forging new alliances with you wonderful folks!
Meet and greet threads always remind me of how AA meetings are portrayed:

*Stands Up*
"Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm a geek."

I'm actually embracing my inner geek rather late in life. "Critical Role" and "Titansgrave" really got me wanting to try this D&D hobby and through this forum I found a group to try this out for my very first time. We have our 3rd session later today and it's been great - even better than any expectations I had of how it would be. It's probably the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. It makes me happy. Smiling So, Thanks!!
Greetings and salutations!

I'm Manuel, WarMage, and been an avid gamer since before I could walk. Been a huge fan of Laura Bailey for many years and through her found Critical Role about 2 months ago. Completely addicted and hoping to start my first D&D campaign sometime.
Hi I'm Andy, I'm UK based and have been an avid watcher of Critical Role since the get go. My partner and I are roleplaying enthusiasts having grown up with D&D from 1st edition but Matt Mercer and gang have completely blown me away. With two small kids we don't get much alone time but I can garuntee we will make time to watch.
Hi everybody!

I'm Allen, but I go by BenoSmash* online. I've been playing Magic the Gathering sporadically since the mid-90's, and D&D since 2000. I've played 2nd, 3rd & 3.5 D&D, and a bunch of White Wolf games (Exalted tabletop, VtM tabletop & LARP, VtR tabletop & LARP, and Werewolf among others), and a handful of other systems. I've run a few campaigns in D&D 3.5 and Dark Ages Mage (another White Wolf game). I love gaming, and up until last year when I moved away from my home city I had been playing weekly games of some sort for probably around a decade.

I first stumbled on Critical Role while messing around on Twitch trying to find something entertaining to watch that didn't spoil any video games I was interested in playing. My first episode was a re-run of the Vox Moronica episode, and I was hooked. I slowly watched every episode, catching up on my days off, and I finally got caught up last week (Those Briarwoods deserve some Justice!). However, while watching Matt and the Crit Role crew weave this awesome story, I began to itch for some good RPG action. So, I bought the core D&D 5e books, and have been slowly reading them while wanting dearly to be playing the game!

Since I can't find anything on Roll20 that suits my schedule, I'm considering running a game of my own. If there's anyone interested in playing in a play-by-post D&D 5e campaign, feel free to message me! The loose plot idea I have for the game so far is this: Until 6 years ago everyone inhabiting the world was human and magic was a fairy tale that very few people believed in. Then Magic poured into the world and with it came all kinds of things that humans had thought were stories told by the ancients. With the introduction of magic came elves, dwarves, orcs and other intelligent races, as well as dragons, giants, faeries and many other kinds of monsters that threatened the unprepared inhabitants of the world. Humans quickly realized that they weren't quite so safe anymore.

*Beno is pronounced as Bayno. It's how I thought the German name Benno was spelled when I took German in high school, and my teacher didn't correct me.

I go by Sakurakitten on Twitch and SaksScraps on #Critter Twitter.

Typically the one trying to keep up live-tweeting the drinking game count and failing miserably. It's a good thing I usually play along with soda/ smoothies.

Quite new to D&D, have always wanted to play and decided to dive in and try to teach myself. Oof. Am completely interested in joining a Roll20 session somehow.

Much love to you all! It's awesome seeing familiar names.

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