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Meet & Greet!
Howdy, I'm Patrick (Zhern) and I'm a #CriticalRole addict...oh, wait, wrong meeting..

Anyway, I've been playing AD&D since the Dark Ages...okay, maybe since the mid to late 80s..

I run a couple of games currently with some RL friends over Roll20 (we all live in different cities now).  The two games I'm running are the Pathfinder Adventure Paths and my own homebrew (using 5E).

Familiar with:

AD&D 1st Edition
AD&D 2nd Edition
AD&D 3.0/3.5
D&D 5E 

Numenera/Cypher System

Feel free to ping me on twitter or here. 

Twitter: @pnpilgrim75


Hey all, name's Mike and although I've never actually played D&D yet, I've been a fan for years. I started out watching the Acquisitions Inc. videos and really tried to get into it when I bought 4e books, but sadly life got in the way and I never really got much more into it.

Then along came CR and I was back in again and this time I'm not letting this pass by again haha. I bought the 5e books and have transitioned into a CR fanboy and actually joined my first campaign on Roll20 a few days ago although I'm still in search of some in person games as well.
Also down with Nightbot...
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Hello! My names Vlad though I go by Colder online.

I started playing DnD a couple years ago and then had about a year hiatus before I was sick of waiting and decided to form my own group after watching the first 7 episodes of CR. I currently DM for that group and sadly we may have to pause the campaign for a while as school is starting in about a week, tomorrow might be our last session for a while.

So to fill my RPG void life I have come here to see if I can find some other cool people to share my DnD addiction with me.

I am familiar with 3.5e, have been reading extensively about 5e, and have played a couple of sessions in 4e but am not too familiar with it.

Can't wait to get into some fun times Smiling
Hi all. Arborhawk (Mark ) here.
MMO addict with Everquest back in 2001 ish. Discovered Google plus, like 2 years ago and saw a lot of RPG play going on. MMO's for me at that point were not meeting the RP itch I had. Played couple RPG's on G+ and then got invited to a D&D 4th ed game on G+. Bought the player handbook and jumped in. I only lasted maybe 7 sessions before my fighter died. After this i found the Accquisions Incorporated videos. Knowing the RPG scene in my area was not to be found, I began to look at online options other than G+.

Here is where I am the Odd duck out. I discovered Fantasy Grounds Virtual tabletop, and fell in love. Mostly have been playing Savage Worlds games with some 5ed with FG.  Play in one G+ Superheroes game  since Jan I think. It is really fun and the most narrative game I am apart of.

Though, not a expert; if ya have questions about Fantasy Grounds feel free to ask.
Hey guys and gals. Im John, and i haven't touched a D&D campaign since 2nd edition. My friends and I did run a heavily homebrewed version of the Middle Earth system but even that was 15 is years ago.

Critical Role sucked me back in in a big bad way. Went to my local game shop the next day with some buddies and turned out he already had the 5e Starter Set and books. I asked him why the hell weren't we playing and he just kinda shrugged lol. after much begging and puppy dog eyes he relented to DM the Starter Box, currently we are about 1/2 ish way though and having a blast. Our group was a bit large to start but some have dropped off so we are currently about 4-5 as a core group and maybe some alts rolling in when they can.

Really hope this keeps up, but even if we dissolve after the box campaign is done i'll be trolling my comic shops looking for a group. Gotta scratch that itch.
Hello, I’m Tonya (TFredrickson80) and I too am addicted to #CriticalRole, which actually isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

I’ve been playing D&D via play-by-post for a number of years now, before that I played a few RL games but usually life got in the way.  I usually DM and have been doing that on other forums but I’m always willing to check out new communities.  I also DM a game for several RL and online friends now on Roll20 thanks to Critical Role inspiring me to do so.

I’m familiar with 3.5, Pathfinder, and 5E.

I’m also on twitter @TFredrickson80
Hi, I'm Stuart! I'm from Scotland and have been playing D&D 3.5e for a few years now, although i got my first taste of D&D through the original Baldur's Gate series Smiling.

I currently play a 3.5e campaign with some friends who meet irregularly on sundays when we're are all free Tongue Out I'm also slowly writing my own campaign set in a sort of van helsing style gothic horror environment (this wont be playable for god knows how long as i'm also going into my final year of an astrophysics degree so i'm a bit busy Tongue Out )

I would be interested in playing either a 3.5e or 5e game online.

IamStu on twitch and @Iam_Stu on twitter Smiling
Hey everyone! My name is David and I'm a #CriticalRole addict. I've never played D&D before but after watching the show it's become #1 on my to-do list. I just bought a 5e handbook and I'm ready to play some games and meet fellow critters!
Hi everyone! I'm Lauren (OboeCrazy) and I decided to stop lurking and start participating!

I've been playing D&D most of my life. Since moving to the Seattle area I found a group of friends to play with and we've been a consistent group for 5 years now, rotating who is DMing and who is playing. We started in 4e and just recently switched to 5e. I found Critical Role when the episodes began appearing on the Geek and Sundry website, as my own D&D group plays on Thursday nights so I can't watch the live stream! So Mondays have become a favorite day for me as the episodes show up on the website!

I've had the chance to both DM and play a lot thanks to our group, and recently have been running a lot of one-off games for charity events or parties for friends. I've even adopted some #CriticalRole into my games, with "As Matt Mercer would ask, how do you want to do this?" being my favorite thing to ask my players when the final bad guy goes down!
Hello! I'm Kate (VioletFirebird) and I'm one of the editors over at the fanfic site. Got into Critical Role after chatting with Matt and Orion about Final Fantasy Type-0 and seeing then tweet about it, and I"ve been hooked ever since. I just recently started playing D&D too, and it has been the most fun I have ever had!

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