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Meet & Greet!
Hi everyone, I'm Kim! I created this forum as a place for Critters to come together to talk Dungeons & Dragons and to create/find new campaigns (either online or in-person). Critical Role instigated my love affair with D&D, and ever since then I've been all in Fanboy, haha. I have 1 main campaign & a couple of side campaigns that I participate it - all online via Roll20.

Hopefully everyone finds the forum useful - if you ever have any suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


- Kim
Hi there! I'm Matt! Critical Role and D&D have sort of taken over my life and it is fantastic. I played once in high school and since then I had been itching to play again. 5 years later, the day before the second episode of Critical Role, I accidentally joined an Adventurers League at a local comic books shop and I haven't looked back since.  I have a few games going right now. I DM 1 online (occasionally) and 1 in person and I play in 2 online (one is also only on occasion) and 1 in person. It's has been a lot of fun and I hope more people get as much out of it as I do. 

Come say Hi and let me know if you need anything!


- Matt (@Matt_Abernathy on twitter)

My name is Sean, though I'm more often known as Black Hat. I've been playing D&D for over twelve years, starting with 3rd edition. For several years, I DMed a few groups in 4e, but I have been bereft of a group for over a year now. The release of 5e and watching Critical Role has stoked the fires once more, and I wish to once more craft grand stories for a group of adventurers. I look forward to meeting you all and running a few through a grand story!

Don't be afraid to say hi or ask for advice. The door's always open.

- Black Hat

My name is Bree and I'm brand new to D&D thanks to Critical Role. Although, I did play two sessions of Pathfinder, but my group hasn't met in months so I think that's dead. So I thought I'd give D&D a try instead! I love playing magic users and I'm looking forward to starting a campaign with fellow critters. Mary has inspired me to try the Tiefling race.  Grinning

Hey folks. Warren here. My wife and I are huge fans of CR, and we're trying to start a campaign with a few friends in the near future, likely 4e.
Hey all my name is Meags and I've been playing D&D off and on for about three years. I first started with a campaign in university, but with scheduling conflicts and the responsibilities of our various degrees it sort of petered off. Critical Role has got me really interested in D&D again and I recently bought the 5e player's Handbook. I'd love to get to know all my fellow critters and maybe even join in a campaign!
Comedy / Tragedy "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late." -William Shakespeare
Hello, I am Reilith, Rei for short. I got obsessed by Critical Role so fast, in a week and a half I managed to binge watch all of the previous episodes and I can't wait to watch live tonight! I am new to DnD, although I do roleplay and I am currently in the process of making my first DnD character for a small adventure. I could really use some help with that ^^ Critters forever!
Greetings, I'm Jon and I got into DnD earlier this year. I discovered Critical Role about a month ago and loved it ever since. I love to play and DM for campaigns. I would be happy to help anyone out with their characters, DMing games, or filling a spot as a player. I want to get more involved with this wonderful community and what better way to do that than with the Dungeons and Dragons?

I'm Ken.

I've been playing D&D and other games for over 30 years.

I really enjoy the CR show and the community that is building around it. I really like all the new players that the show has inspired. 

If I can help any new players in any way, I'm happy to help.
Hi there! I'm Gnar! OMGItzGnaR on twitter, steam, twitch, all that good stuff. Grinning

I'm a Techie, photoshop dabbler, Livestreamer on hiatus (lack of appropriate internet speeds), a D&D enthusiast, and a #Critter.

I'm new to the D&D scene. I wanted to play with my older brother, when I was a kid, but that was one of those "Mom told me I could play" moments, and yeah, didn't go great. Something about my character being the DooM guy, from Doom95. It was terrible...

After discovering Critical Role, one chance night on the interwebs, I was immediately sucked in, and it has become a reoccurring event in my life, as I'm sure is the same for many others. And the #Critters community, my faith in the internet has been restored, never have I yet, seen a community with more heart, and kindness than you guys.  Heart

I introduced all of my friends, and even my Mom, to Critical Role, some loved it, others watch it occasionally, and some even started a campaign with me. I was developing an RPG video game way back in the day, and had the entire story written out. I figured, since that project was shut down, it would be a great basis for a D&D campaign. Our group had a falling out over time, with conflicting schedules, and lack of interest from a few members, so we shut it down. Hopefully with the help of these forums, and the love of the #Critters community, the party will rise again.


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