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Scotland Critters
any Critters in scotland, specifically the Edinburgh/Glasgow area. I've been playing online for the last ffew years and It would be really nice to have an IRL game. I miss using my dice Unhappy
I'm from Glasgow but i'm afraid I dont really have time for another IRL game just now as i'm about to return to uni for my final year. Unhappy
I've just started a new grad job in Edinburgh but wont be there till January, I do however have a few friends who live up there who would be interested. We are all brand new to this as CR has gotten us all really intrigued. I guess I can pop back later in the year to see if people still want to try get a game organised. Smiling
Hey, Hope this is still open but im from glasgow and would love to do some IRL D&D. Right now i'm free most day just need a day or two head's up and would depend on where we would be playing.
Just thought i'd mention for any glasgow university students, the gaming society, GUGS, will be back running soon where people can find regular games to play Smiling

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