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D&D 5e EST 1st Level Characters

I've got a game setup on Roll20. Aiming for mid-afternoon to evening on Saturdays. The setting is inspired by Shadowrun, Spelljammer, Rogues Galaxy, and, of course, Critical Role. I'm looking for 3-5 players able to use voice chat. Hoping to keep it map-light meaning I'll have pictures and such to get to help set the tone, but will use maps only when needed. I also re-purpose maps and images from other sources.

I'm in the EST. Game is set for 2-ish Saturdays. I've got the first session scheduled for the 12th. If we have at least 2 players then I'll get the game underway and have people step in as it goes.

What type of game do I hope to run?
I'd like to run a game that isn't pure chaos. I understand randomness happens, but I'd like there to be substance to the game. I'll try to keep people on topic as well as keeping a sense of humor. Solving problems with cunning will be rewarded as well as using combat. I've got the world setup for a lot of possibilities and I've got a few plots in mind, but I'd like to build the main story around the characters. Keep the game fun and I hope to keep the players invested in the story.

Who am I?
I'm Scott. I've got experience DMing 3.5, D20 Modern, & Star Wars Sagas IRL. I've also ran a quick random game during the Thanksgiving Critical Role marathon. I'm a Critter and check Roll20 daily for messages. More if I'm looking for one.

Why Roll20?
I live in the middle of nowhere and I can't find a group that's close. Also, I'm a parent so finding babysitting, or a good place to game is complicated.

Video, Voice, or Text?
I prefer Voice only and have my settings for Voice only. If you don't have a mic then I'm sorry, but this isn't the game for you. Voice makes things so much easier. This will be ran through Roll20.
Game is full for now.

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