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Racial Feature & Feat idea
Thought I'd run this by you guys, get some feedback. I'm starting a game the weekend of Thanksgiving, and a vast majority of my players are :
1. Very very new to the game,
2. Very young (youngest is 8)
3. 5 of the six players are family. A father and his 4 sons, this is both in character and real life as well.

So.... I thought about it over the past few days, why don't I give them some kind of perk for being a family? So, without further ado, here ya go.

Quote:Familial Bonds:
Racial ability. Limited to immediate relations only. (i.e. father/mother- children, or brother/sisters)
Side note: Half-Elves and Elves can use this feature provided they are playing Father/mother to children relations. Half-siblings or cousins would not apply.

Being part of a family, you know your brethren quite well. Taking small queues from each other, you instinctively know what each other is thinking (to a degree). In situations where you or one of your family members are attacking, if another family member is within 10 feet of the attacker and has line of sight, they gain advantage on their next (melee)attack by using the initial (melee)attack as a distraction. This ability only applies to melee attacks. This advantage only applies once per encounter per family member, and must be declared before making attack roll (by the player gaining advantage).

In non-combat situations, family members can communicate short messages without having to speak. (Maximum range of 100 feet, and must have line of sight. Messages are not detailed, but general concepts. Think military hand signals, only without hand signals.)

Ability Note: The advantage gained for the following family member cannot be stacked. I.E. 4 brothers in a party, Initial attacking Brother 1 does not have advantage, but brother 2 will. Brother 3 is in range, but cannot capitalize. However, if Brother 3 attacks and Brother 4 is within range, Brother 4 gains advantage.


Blood is Thicker (Name still undecided... suggestions?)

Fighting with your family, be it sparring or a genuine tumble to settle a dispute, you know their moves as well as your own.

If a family member makes a successful (melee or ranged)attack, and you are next in the initiative order you can advantage on your attack. If your (melee or ranged)attack succeeds add 1d6 damage to your damage roll. (this bonus dice does not apply to magic attacks)

Obviously the Feat will be overpowered in my particular game, as it is heavily laden with family members. But, since we're beginning with all fresh characters, it will be some time before it will really come into play. Limiting the ability (both racial and feat) to melee attacks seemed to be a safe bet, and adding ranged to the feat gave a wider range of character uses. Also, the implementation of the initiative roll will keep this feat from being abused, I hope.

I've got a little time before I turn over final character sheets to the players (I did the grunt work of putting the  numbers together so they didn't have to), so I can add/edit these abilities as suggestions. So.... have at it Critters.
Thats the beauty of this game, you can create anything you like to make it more enjoyable for the players. It probably is a bit overpowered but that doesn't matter if you're happy with it as the DM. I warn you that the silent communication aspect may be hard for you to deal with while DMing if you don't clearly set it's limits. Maybe create a list of one word ideas that they can portray so there's no ambiguity?

Also try to give the one player who is not a family member a comparable feat so that they don't feel left out. Hope the campaign goes well, keep us posted.

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