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Critter A Cappella?
So, as my username may or may not suggest, I am an a cappella fanatic as well as a Critter. I had a wild idea recently that might blend my two fascinations into one epic project.

Make an a cappella group of Critters to sing (or collect awesome aca-versions) of the songs on each character's playlist! Perhaps even make an aca-version of the theme song? Adaptations of Scanlan songs?! (with Sam singing lead would be even more amazing since I know he has aca-experience) Original tunes for the cast?! WHO KNOWS?!

I wanted to throw the idea out there just to gauge interest, really. Are there any other a cappella Critter fans and would y'all like to collaborate on something like this? PM me here, reply, or find me @TheSingingNerd on Twitter.

PS- I have some group name ideas, too... but I don't want to jump the gun... (Percy...)
I would love to see this! Unfortunately when I sing all the neighbourhood stray cats start turning up at my house, so I can't help you.
This is an awesome idea! Heart Gimmie
That would be cool. I'm not a singer myself. IF I participated it would be more like a crapella.

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